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Friday, November 25, 2011



The unconfirmed news in town amongst the very privileged few is that ace Neo-Soul artist Olufemi Sanyaolu better known by all as Keziah Jones is officially engaged to his longtime beau-Hauwa Mukan.

The Nigerian-Singer/Songwriter and an extra-ordinary Guitarist, is known for his superlative way of playing an instrument that seems to have become a part of his appendage-The Guitar. The 43 year old artist and his beau Hauwa have been an item for quite a while now, always seen together at many fun spots whenever Keziah is in town. Keziah was formerly married to an Anglo-Nigerian Singer Akure Wall in 1994, but they later separated in 1996.

Hauwa Mukan, is an OAP-on-air-personality at Smooth 97.3FM, she’s also a noted stylist and a footwear designer who is from Amper, Kanke LGA in Plateau state.

And if all works out has planned, we hear weddings bells should be ringing very loudly before the middle of 2012. Congratulations to the beautiful couple.




Myne said...

They're really lovely together.

Myne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AMA said...

" the 2nd daughter out of 2 kids." Are you for real? Quit blogging and go back to school. This is an embarrassment. Simple english. God have mercy. This is a disgrace to all bloggers out there. I am appalled by your lack of education. May God descend upon this blog and improve every component of it, especially the writing style and grammar. To the lovely couple, congrats. To the blog owner, good luck!

Anonymous said...

my dear ama please tell this illiterate low life o! d idiot even comes back to post anonymous comments after releasing one of his many bombs! aloba u should be writing in yoruba if english is hard for u! local fool

AMA said...

@ANON 5:10PM, take it easy love! It is very unfortunate because I like this blog for it's originality but as you said, the "bombs" are just too dangerous. It really makes the reading difficult and irritating. On several occasions, after spotting the errors, I have posted corrections. Might i add, that they were implemented but these same mistakes repeated. I am tired! Blog owner, please hire a writer. You can be the owner and you can send the story you want to the writer, who would then reconstruct it to make it interesting and pleasing to the readers. Please consider this. It would take the blog to a higher level, attract a larger audience, and as such, you would get more investors/people who want you to advertise, which in turn equals more turnover for you. SIMPLES! Tiny investment equals more money. Goodluck and God bless.