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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We got this alert on the BB (BlackBerry) lastnight Boxing Day December 26, 2011 at about 8:14pm.

Please I need your help and assistance! On Friday night, my driver was returning home with the children after celebrating a birthday dinner out. A hurried Red|Burgundy Hummer Jeep with private Abuja Registration- AKOGUN hit my car from behind. He tricked my driver to drive to Mobil on the expressway by Lagos|Ibadan toll gate for them to chat. The Hummer driver drove off and my driver chased them. When he managed to block them, this Akogun man brought out a spray substance and sprayed both my driver and the 3 children in the vehicle temporarily blinding them and leaving them disorientated. The man's wife was present in the Hummer in addition to a personal assistant and their driver. Please I need to know the identity of this maniac or the movement of this Hummer Jeep. Any help to broadcast this anomaly will be greatly appreciated. Apparently he also said he had a gun and threatened to shoot the driver knowing full well there were small children in the car, the youngest being 7yrs old. Please call 08052354377 if you have any information. Jide and Suzzane Oduyoye.

We were first alarmed that something like that could have happened in the present day Nigeria, but on 2nd thought we remembered that a lot of the times anything could happen and people get away doing the most despicable of things, so we thought to investigate. Could it have been the Honorable member of the House of Representatives-Honorable Tunde Akogun's car? Or was it another person with that name that could have been that dastardly?

We were able to get through to the dad of 2 of the kids-Mr. Jide Oduyoye, who confirmed matter of fact that the incidence did occur. There were 4 people-(Wole-the driver,Titi-15,Eniola-14 and Jibola-7) in his own car-An Army-Green Landrover LR3 and they were on their way to Magodo before been caught up in traffic, while inside the Burgundy colored Hummer jeep were also 4 people, 2 passengers at the back-The supposed owner of the car and a female passenger and at the front was the driver and another male, they were driving on the dirt road and were in a rush.

The Hummer Jeep had tried to bypass everyone on the right side of the road and in the process hit the LR3 & broke the rear lights and damaged some other parts of the car, behaving at first like gentlemen and lady, they tricked the driver to move off the road so as to go to the Mobil filling station at the front to sort out matters, it was while going to the petrol station that they tried to escape and the driver realizing what they had wanted to do, crossed them and the spray incidence happened (those in the LR3 were all sprayed with suspected pepper spray) and the Hummer driver now visibly angry deliberately reversed back into the LR3 to cause more damages and then escape, the driver of the LR3 and kids who were terribly traumatized at this stage and couldn't see, were forced out of the car onto the road. The whole scenario which looked like one out of the Nollywood home videos occurred the night of December 23, 2011 at about 8:30pm. It took a while before they could see, and then they had to call Eniola's mom who quickly came to their rescue.

We have not been able to get across to the only very popular AKOGUN, that everyone knows-Hon. Tunde Akogun to know if it was his car or another person's, but as soon as we do, we would give his response the same prominence this initial report has gotten. So if anyone can get across to him, we would love his response ASAP!

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Anonymous said...

This is so wrong for heavens sake children were even harmed. I hope and pray the culprit is found and justice is served. The driver carrying the children must be very much SMACKED. But is no one even thinking that the driver should never have followed a strager or strangers off teh expressway to a location be it public or private,supposen he had a GUN. the safety of those children must come 1st.
Secondly I advise you go to the department that handles vehicle registration as well as the Police and put in a complaint find out whose plate number is registered AKOGUN . Though it seems you know who did this so I assume you have done so already if not you should and must. Third and lastly if you have not found out who exactly the car belongs to legally then there is no reason to assume and call names through this medium all it does is bring negative attention to you for the fact that if you are wrong in accusing the family of Akogun they have the right to sue you and your family especially if they do not have such a vehicle in question you say was used during the incident. HINT! ( Akogun is a name from the south-west and is also traditional title from the area) you should allow the police to handle that and find the culprits everyone need to be careful who they point fingers too in the long run it would hurt the purpose of this article as well as possibly affect the victim.
My prayers go out to you and your children. Pls caution your driver not to go after strangers especially when your children are in the car so if not for his safety but for theirs. Finally PLS GO TO THE POLICE NO MORE FINGERS POINTING. In my field I have seen good people suffer due to pre-judging and putting it public giving room for those being accused if found innocent room to sue you.