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Friday, December 30, 2011


As volatile as the oil and gas sector seem to be, its one part of the Economy most especially in Nigeria where millionaires and billionaires are been made every day as if it’s going out of fashion.

That's where this tall, handsome dude known to all as Deoye Austen Peters reigns supreme. Still in his 40's one very noticeable attribute of the guy is that, he is as stylish as they come, many are even of the opinion that if a hundred of the most stylish and best dressed men are being chosen, he would feature very prominently, irrespective of the fact that he now has a small pouch. But let’s forget about style for now.

Our focus right now is about the giant strides we hear the cool dude has taken in recent times. A couple of years ago, he was a top management staff at Zenon Oil, that's Femi Otedola's company which has now transformed to Forte Oil, everything seemed to be going on fantastically well, then the sudden departure from Zenon Oil under a cloud, at the same time that was on, there was hiccups also at the home front, it took the grace of God for that particular storm to be calmed. He quickly set up his own Energy Company which he named Austen's Energy located in Ikoyi and quickly made use of his vast contacts, things seemingly began to take shape.

While running his own business, he got employed by his ex-bosses main rival MRS Oil & Gas, where Sayuu Dantata, the younger brother of the Forbes Rated Richest man in Nigeria-Aliko Dangote runs the show. Things seemed back on the roller-coaster for a while, but before one could say Jack Robinson- Deoye left MRS &amp.........; now fully took up the challenge of running his own company. After, several months now we hear things are more than great. From the feelers we have gotten in recent times things are said to be so good now, there might be a Yacht in the works and most probably a jet.

If things continually work out like it should, we might be celebrating another big time Oil and Gas MAGNATE SOON.


Anonymous said...

What a joke why is he dressed not his age as well as wearing a Turtle Neck Top underneath his shirt in HOT NIGERIA.... Ds surely is away by force.... Yankee wanna be. Bush BOY

Anonymous said...

and your definition of SHeikh is What? Mtschewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

na wa for naijas and throwing out words all nilly willy.

Susan peters said she is a Duchees.


Anonymous said...

Afi sheikh naa. OSHI o daa ni Ile pako

Anonymous said...

This guy is an acclaimed nuisance. Old fool trying to feel sexy and always dressed like a clown. Una get time o... Person wey dey fraud up n down.

Anonymous said...

What's ur problem with d way he's dressed bush man its not a turtle neck its a kind of scarf worn by stylish men of his age until person wear before u understand d style abi,oh well I'm happy for d young man he seems to be doing well for himself,since u won't get to where he is in ten life times STFU