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Friday, November 30, 2012


Breezy has had many great things going for him this year. And it seems like the goodness would continue into the new year-2013. The young guy, who has been in the eye of the storm ever since his misdemeanor against Rihanna, has had it good and bad. But he still seems unstoppable. He and Big Sean are on the dual covers of the new XXL magazine, the December/January 2013 edition. 

Chris Brown AKA Breezy had much explanations to make on various matters, check him vibe.

On his fight with Drake
“A lot of people wanna know about the whole situation with me, Drake and Meek Mill. At the end of the day, I’m me, they’re them. They rap, I sing. Totally different caliber. I rap, I play around on mixtapes. But our words don’t collide as much as you’d think.”

On his emotional growth
“I haven’t been as mature and thought out in the past, so, me growing now, it’s showing my progression. I used to use my Twitter account to vent, but now I mostly use it for marketing and promotions. Even if the media asks me something, if it’s cool then it’s, ‘What’s up?’ But if it’s anything that’s too negative, I don’t care to respond.”

On his feelings about love
“One thing people often want me to talk about is my public love life. When it comes to my love life, the perception seems as though I am a player. But that’s not true. Love is something I am still learning. It’s just an obstacle that I haven’t yet mastered. I think that’s my biggest hurdle in life.”

On his artwork
“I use music or painting as my outlet to get through the confusion. I try to promote positivity and love.” 


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Demonic looking.