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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hip hip hip hoorayyyy!!!!!!!!!!! It's a bouncing baby girl for our 'everly' gorgeous Ex-Beauty queen, Queen Anita Uwagbale-Iseghohi, the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2004, incidentally her middle name is Queen.  Prior to the birth of their baby girl, the still very stunning and  stylish, Anita & her husband Tom had had boys, 3 boys as a matter of fact- Chase, Drake and Troy.

She had left the shores of Nigeria at the tale end of September, for the USA & just last night at 2:40PM Eastern Daylight Time, which is 8:40PM Nigerian Time, at the Howard County General Hospital, Columbia, Maryland, which is a member of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, her bouncing baby girl arrived the world to ecstatic praises . The John Hopkins Hospital is rated as one of the world's greatest hospitals, and ranked in America for the last 21 years consecutively as the best overall hospital in America. A position they were beaten to by one point in 2012 by Massachusetts General Hospital.

 ''Miolen Alexandria Elizabeth'' are the names the parents have given to their newly arrived ''duchess', which is our own nickname for the princess and from the feelers we have gotten, she's most likely the last born for the couple.

While the new mom Anita, owns The Baby Store at the Chase Mall, Victoria Island, Lagos. The dad, Tom is a top Business/Finance consultant, who used to be the Group Managing Director/CEO at Transcorp Plc.

Mom and daughter are having fun in good health. Congratulations!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations dear. May God continue to bless u and ur family. This girl has really done well for herself. Wayyyy smarter than the other MBGN girls.