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Wednesday, November 14, 2012



The strong man of Kwara State, Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki, is dead. The news of his demise just came in now. Dr. Saraki  who is known and addressed by many of his die-hard followers as Baba Oloye was 79 years old at the time of his death, said to have been this morning Wednesday, November 14, 2012.

He would be buried today in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital by 4pm. He was born May 17, 1933. He was a Medical Doctor, who later became a politician of note, especially in Kwara State. He was elected a Senator in 1979, and later became the Senate Leader. 

He is survived by his wife and children, amongst who are Dr. Olubukola Saraki, former Governor of Kwara State, Senator Gbemisola Saraki, Laolu Saraki & Tope Saraki.

May the soul of the dearly departed rest in peace!


Mama Borngirl said...

RIP sir. May God grant you paradise and overlook your transgressions. (Best prayer for the dead I learnt from my muslim friends).

Laolu and Carolina, may God grant you the fortitude to bear the loss.


Anonymous said...

Truely and indeed we shall all account for our "deeds" Allah is great!!!

Gbogbo Bigz Girlz said...

Sun re o Baba Saraki.
Let's leave the dead to God to judge... Someone said God pardon him andother said he'll account for his deeds! Olorun lo mo ejo da...

Anonymous said...

Pls ur name droppings are over too much wetin can't it just be condolence to the family etc..if u see laolu or caroline can u say hello..I must belong hiiissss

Anonymous said...

If the anon who responded to mama BG can be so bitter on the net, I pity those who associate with you in real life.
Werey alaso beefing blog anon!
Are you LL she left or Paula she said she'll distribute your bad comments or you're just bitter?

Anonymous said...

Why am I so bitter? Becos I called her on name dropping...born girl is the typical yoruba girl who goes to parties or salons to spread gist of people she's neva met b4..must she knw everybody..a friend of all is a friend of no1..I pity u too becos u obviously have the same issues as her, why bring up paulas name,a year later..gist spreader,shame on u, anoufia mumune olodo

Aproko said...

Me sef go begin to list names of celebs I know from now so were alaso can include me in the list of her attack!

Aunty Gbemi, daddy's girl take heart. Will come see you at home soon.

Aunty Tope, may God comfort you, uncle Koye will cheer you up.

Laolu, you seem quite strong, I'll drop by soon. I wish Baba Oloye carried your child.

Anonymous said...

That anon, I repeat you're were alaso!
Everyone on blogs is there for gists. Why bring in Yoruba here. Shows you aren't exposed.

Take life easy before your were goes nude on the streets.

That Paula, she's looking too stressed out... Chop chop's koboko seems small and didn't satisfy her.
Or chop chop's fame didn't make her an int'l item!

I'll not be back on this thread to exchange words with you.

Kemi said...

I am a new commenter.

Anon@9.55am it is because of people like you that there are deliverance ministers.

Finest said...

Is Ekeinde the one called Chop chop? Well, I guess his frame is ever slim.
*wink wink*

Anonymous said...

Good someone else called out Mama born girl. We know these people but don't make noise about them. Just say rest in peace & may his family be consoled.

ITK said...

Warrif anyone makes noise about knowing everyboby! I don't care if she knows Jonathan and Obama.

You all should grow up and enjoy blogs. That's blogs for you, gists, yaps and hypes... All make it interesting.

Mama borngirl is a pioneer commenter here and your unnecessary attacks won't make her keep quiet. Best you ignore her and stop being the fool mama borngirl rewards with silence! Ever notice she doesn't respond?

FYI, I come here to read her comments and am sure MM loves her.

Anonymous said...

Desperado..u shld be ashamed of ur self..I'm sure u have no life and then envy the lives of those people who want to gossip about..I don't no paula, I don't want to know abt what's going on in her life either..only miserable people like u assume or pray that other people have miserable lives..u r pathetic, u r wicked, u r bitter..woteva u do on here, I don't know but God knows u.wen ur prayers r not answered or things don't go on well in ur life, please remember all u type on here and the maliciousness in which u spill ur so called gist..that goes for u also mama born girl and gbogbo bigs girl..

Anonymous said...

You are daft