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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Things are definitely on the upward swing for this our young, tall and very stylish dude. That he is blessed with cash is not a new story, the highly connected young man in his very early 30's (if things had work well, he would have gotten married to the gorgeous daughter of Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, the former Governor of Abia State, who we hear is his Godfather). He seems to have his fingers in many pies and all seem to be bringing home the money. One of his business ventures known by all is oil & gas firm, which definitely must be the cash cow.

According to our recent findings, Chima come December 1, 2012, would be opening his new baby, a new business venture that we hear is very close to his heart. The name of the new baby is Le Paris, it is an 18 luxury suite, boutique hotel located at Babatunde Dabiri street, Lekki Phase 1.  From our little findings, we hear he didn't spare expenses at all to make the place a stand-out one.

Curiously, hotels and clubs/joints seems to be the new money making venture, the very liquid are opening every where nowadays. We hear Hotels, especially the boutique ones, are like home away from home, where people can have their 'clandestine' fun without anyone nosing around. While with clubs/joints raking in on the average 2 to 5 Million or much more on a good night, why not?



Mama Borngirl said...

MM, I said it you're becoming fishy. Why put up Neya's picture? Don't you've Onyeka's picture!

Anonymous said...

Abi o. U put pic of the lady he almost married but not his wife's albeit estranged. Dts all kinds of wrong..

Anonymous said...


I pitied the Neya babe when LIB readers made their caustic comments about her when this same pix was uploaded. It was too bad!

Me again said...

Aloba, the same things that chased Neya away the first time are still there now abi? A reunion between the two is unlikely, why are you bringing her up when he's been married since Neya ran off to the US after her trad with him. Na wa. Besides his sisters would have you believe that he's just weeks away from marrying someone else.

Anonymous said...

The relationship with Orji Kalu is over. He's now on his own. Yahoo plus things and money laundering are what most of these hoteliers are.

Anonymous said...

This bobo no bad now. Hmmmmmm

daayur said...