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Friday, November 9, 2012


 ISLAND DIARY LAGOS, Nigeria’s first APPLE IPAD only Magazine

“The future of any country is small business, not big business, but small business, such as mine.”

so says Mr. Olayinka Oluwakuse
On this note, I would like to introduce ISLAND DIARY LAGOS, to you.  A 360 degree strategy turnaround in our publishing business and commitment to serve and add value to small businesses which we primarily cater to and to globally brand big businesses which partner with us.
 Now available as a download from the exclusive Apple Newsstand as an App Magazine, ISLAND DIARY LAGOS will feature a mixture of text, video, photos, and other interactive content. We promise a product that blends "the best of journalism" with "the best of contemporary technology."
The app called “LAGOS” opens to a carousel view of the fortnight Lagos Top News stories, not unlike the Cover Flow view that's now a staple of the Mac operating system. Readers can flip through the carousel with a swipe of the finger; tapping on a story brings up its content. A Shuffle button brings up stories at random. Updates will be delivered weekly till next edition.
Sections at ISLAND DIARY LAGOS will include Fashion news/editorial, Gossip, Opinion, Arts & Life, and Society Parties reportage--and, for an app geared toward a digitally savvy audience .  
 We promise to publish up to 60 pages of content fortnightly.
We will be delivering sophisticated design, stunning photographs and video, typography that's sharper than any print publication, and rich, colorful full-screen ads that are far away from the maddening crowds of banner ads, pop-ups, and drop-downs. It's these features that make ISLAND DIARY LAGOS a great way not only to preserve but to enhance the reading experience in our hyper-connected world.
ISLAND DIARY LAGOS will be bringing forward its unique selling points from our print editions which are storytelling, engagement and community. And since engagement is a big part of everything we do, stories can be shared by Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and they end with a comment bubble: tap it, share your comment, and continue the conversation. We've worked to make ISLAND DIARY LAGOS engaging without going overboard on the bells and whistles.
Users are able to post comments to stories. ISLAND DIARY LAGOS also offers sharing capabilities--you can post stories to Facebook or Twitter or share them via e-mail. Content will be mirrored on the Web to enable sharing, but not all pages and features will be available at ISLAND DIARY LAGOS 's e-commerce ready website/blog.
Our upcoming storefront and e-commerce website,{www.fashionableLagos.com} displays the edition’s contents for sale translating to reader purchase. This facility is also available to small businesses with e-commerce websites and e-stores.
 We also promise 360-degree photos and graphics that respond to touch. A button on the main page of the app triggers an audio summary of the week's stories, and there's also a video that summarizes the main stories in a particular issue.
"ISLAND DIARY LAGOS  is not a legacy brand moving from print to the digital world,. "We have license to innovate and we also have started looking at life beyond print”.
ISLAND DIARY LAGOS will generate revenue from advertising, taking advantage of mobile technologies. Advertising will be in rich media.  The inaugural edition includes advertising from The Civic Centre, Primi Piatti, and Porsche].  Advertising in an app-based magazine will draw "a better class" of readers
ISLAND DIARY LAGOS will eventually arrive on other tablets, which would presumably include the slew of Android tablets by December 2012.  "But this month and next month belong to Apple,".


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