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Sunday, January 27, 2013


What could have gone wrong between the former buddies or should we say big sister & younger sister, by this we mean between the erstwhile first lady of Lagos and now a Senator of the Federal Republic, in the person of Senator Remi Tinubu & the current Deputy Governor of the Action State, Lagos in the person of Mrs. Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire.

Prior to becoming the Deputy Governor to BRF and while still a Commissioner and even prior to that time we heard that both madams had enjoyed a chummy-chummy relationship, the elder sister to younger sibling mode, but that chummy relationship seems to have become a thing of the past. 

Fast forward to the very recent party at the Okoya residence, when Jide Tokan got married to Bisola Tokan, formerly Dejonwo, we heard that as soon as the very respectful Deputy Governor came in to the event, she went about greeting those that she met at the occasion, but just as she got to Mrs Remi Tinubu's side and she was paying her respect,  the Senator tactically took her face away as if she was occupied doing something else, not acknowledging the pleasantries from the deputy Governor whatsoever. A couple of observers who saw what happened were shocked, but everyone quickly adjusted as if nothing had gone amiss. 

What could have happened in the past to warrant such public embarrassment, we just can't imagine and we are still wondering.  Some have even speculated that the seeming misunderstanding might have been over the issue of who was to become the deputy governor of Lagos then. Truth of the matter is, we don't know if that's why they are not chummy chummy anymore, but something is definitely amiss. 


Anonymous said...

Bedroom matters. You don't trust any woman with Asiwaju. Sosan was an exception.

Nwachidinma said...

Bedroom matters at this age and level?!?! Biko what is going on?

Anonymous said...

Remi is just a silly paranoid woman. She should go and sit down joor. She wants to lord over these women. She should remember that she's not Ashiwaju's first wife o. If anything happens to him, she's squarely on her own. Probably Adejoke is not feeding her purse regularly. Awon ole as Pastor B call them

Anonymous said...

deputy governor is shagging baba dudu onigo roboto
kondo olopa causing wahala
and now wey she don dey live close to baba dudu house for ikoyi, unending wahala niyen o

Anonymous said...

but how can ojuyobo be shinning this woman's congo, is she not married?

things that make me go heyyyyy

Anonymous said...

Ananymous said..

So una no know say ojuyobo don dey shag deputy for a long time? How do you think she got to the top? Not only the influence of her father, na ojuyobo dey shag am. Husband ke, dat one from some bush town in Ondo State be decorative husband wey she now don put under spell like mumu and not even allowed to talk to women even though he know say she dey shag her own outside. He is not allowed to do same. The man don dey frustrated more and more since she don become deputy governor.Women and, money and power! God help them ooooo.