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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Ella & Gabby is most definitely on a fantastic roller-coaster. Why? We are sure many are already asking. It's because they only started just about a year ago & it's not every day that one gets to appear in Vogue and British Vogue for that matter. The launch of the brand was at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island and in attendance were loads and loads of Lagos based fashionistas and style mavens, who had come to see what the latest fashion design brand had to offer. After the very classy showcase ended, many couldn't believe that the brand had only just started. It was kudos galore, with people particularly talking about a big star in the making ready to explode. 

Immediately after her launch, the brand came out with its Look book, which had one of Africa's best models in the world, in Millen Magesa wearing many of the brand's outfit.  After that, the next point of call was the 2nd edition of the Africa Fashion Week London 2012, which held at the Spitalfields Market Hall, during the 2012 London Summer Olympics, the AFWL 2012  featured over 60 designers. The brand stood out like the sun and many international media house recognised them and duly sought them out. 

Now just at the tail end of 2012, the world renowned British Vogue Magazine, known for excellence world over picked the brand- Ella & Gabby from Nigeria, as one of the brands to look out for in the course of the year. British Vogue, in their January 2013 edition, featured Ella & Gabby on their Designer's Profile Page and we hear a main feature is still upcoming in the next few weeks in the same magazine. 

That's not all, Tattler and other top international fashion & lifestyle magazines are also calling. We are so  glad that the creative industry is bringing good PR for the country. And we must give kudos to Ada Mgbudem, the creative director of the fashion & lifestyle brand Ella & Gabby for a job well done. 


Jeww xx said...

What a fantastic achorlade coming from VOUGE .....Ella and Gabby is goooooood ..i testify to that ...bearly one year old and is doing exceptionally great ....good work ,great great attention to details ...kudos Ella and Gabby...the sky is your stepping stone ...well done !!!

Anonymous said...

it is not a nod or 'archolade' as Jew mentioned (btw Jew xx is it 'accolade')...

It is a PAID advertisement. I'm not sure people can read here. They PAID vogue to advertise their line. simple.