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Friday, January 25, 2013


Delightsomely gorgeous Uru Eke is one of the new generation Nollywood stars in the making. The UK returnee's passion for her craft is so obvious and enveloping. She's one of those that believes that Nollywood is heading for the stars and knows that she's one of those taking it there. We recently met with the very stylish thespian who starred in one of the best films of 2012 ''Last Flight to Abuja'' and we had the chat below. Please read and enjoy.

How would you rate the past year 2012 for your brand. In terms of work and acceptability.

 I am grateful for the jobs I did and the recognition I received in 2012 and truth be told my brand is growing gradually, with a steady rise. I think people are accepting me and I say that based on the positive feedback that I have received so far.


Would it be right to believe that you relocated from the UK to Nigeria because of your involvement in Nollywood.

 Yes I did. Nollywood is the major reason I am here.

How has it been for you since you got back. Has it been a roller-coaster journey so far, or a mixed bag of both sides of the coin.

 It has had its ups and downs. But I have always being such a positive person that I only focus on the good part alone.

Is the Nigerian film industry as lucrative as most think it is?

 The truth is that as you work your way up, it gets a lot better. At first you do quite a few non-paying jobs, but as soon as people start to recognize you, wala!! You start charging.

Would we be right to still describe you as one of the new kid on the block?

I wouldn’t quite use the word ‘kid’ (laughs) but erm…. Relatively new face would be more appropriate.

Who really is Uru Eke? Are you a thespian by training? How did you catch the acting bug and how long for now?

Uru Eke is a fun loving, out-doorsey, bubbly, fiercely ambitious young woman. I did a few stage plays in London and belonged to an acting group called ‘Association of multi-national performing artists’ where we produced a few in-house films and I learn't some acting skills such as line & movement, voice control, projection etc

You obviously could have excelled in other areas, why acting as a career choice?

I have always loved acting. I love acting with all my heart, its just something I just have to do before I am done on this earth. There's that saying that “if you do a job you love, you’ll never work another day in your life” That just sums it up for me!

What makes you tick?

Definitely music and I love to dance.

How do you go about interpreting roles given to you.

Basically by reading the script a couple times and getting familiar with the character I am to play.

Who are those you consider as your icons in the business.

I love Bimbo Akintola, she’s effortless.

Style-wise, you are always very well put together at occasions and also always stand out, what's your take on style.

Geez thank you! I am the brand ambassador to ‘House of Dorcas’, a fashion house based in Lagos, the creative director Lolade Majekodunmi always gives me loads of amazing dresses to wear. When I am not dressed by the brand, I turn my wardrobe inside out looking for something decent to step out with and so far I think I have done alright.

How many productions have you been in so far, which one of the roles has been the most challenging till date and why?

So far I have down about 12 productions and they have all been great. The challenge hasn’t come yet, but I know its on its way, I can smell it.

What are the positive and negative sides of Nollywood for you.

The number one positive for me is doing what I love the most and the negative I would say is ….. I haven’t gotten any negatives yet.

What are we to expect from you in the new year 2013.

More films, more me and my own very first production.

What would be the dream move for your career?

To produce a script, I wrote a while back.

Coming back to fashion & style, what determines what you wear for each occasion or event? 
The theme of the event to a very large extent, my hair and what outfit the creator of ‘House of Dorcas’ and I come up with

 On the last note, What's your mantra for living?

 “Go out there and get it, because no one is going to hand it to you” Uru Eke

Interview & pictures are exclusive ppt of MM. 

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