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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Yesterday, Saturday, January 27, 2012 was the first time ever we went to the place known to everyone as the Elegushi Private Beach, which is located not too far from the new 3rd roundabout along the Lekki-Epe Expressway on the Island. it's a turning on the right just before Stillwaters Estate and you will pass in front of Meadow Hall School. We had been wondering all this while, why people talk so much about this Beach and why there's always such unbelievable numbers of people going there week after week.  We hear that on busy evenings/nights traffic along the beach road trying to get in at anytime is unbelievable, with queue going as long as 100 to 200 meters. Not until we got there, before we now saw that it was another world entirely on its own. 

Before we begin to talk about Fun at the Beach, let's first talk about the place itself, unlike many of the Beaches in Lagos, this particular one is very secured, safety and security seems to be number 1 on their card, the other very curious thing we immediately noticed was how relatively clean the environs was. There's a big general toilet to your left and then several fun spots to the left and to the right. 


The place from what we observed and heard from those who should know is also a money making center of crazy and unbridled fun. To enter par head is #1000 Naira, so if you come packed in a bus, each person pays #1000 Naira, and that's not all, after you must have entered the first gate, you still have to pay an additional #200 Naira per car for packing spaces. From what we heard, the crew must as a matter of fact drop a certain Million Naira in 2 digits every week (that is, every Monday to the Palace). We were a bit astounded to hear the amount thinking how possible it is to make that amount every week.  So in a year alone at the ? Million per week and multiplied by 52weeks, that's a staggering hundreds of Million Naira from gate takings alone, in a year. 

Different types of joints litter the vast expanse of the beach, Voodoo, Blak Lounge, 100%, 360 degrees, Vertigo, Tropicana, Xtasy, DV8, Sweet 16, Ikonic & De Ark (owned by Prince Femi & Yomi Akinruntan), and it's probably the biggest joint so far on the beach and the most beautiful to date,  it was just opened at the tail end of last year. The joints come in different sizes and all this joints pay rents per year also in Millions, depending on the sizes of their space. But we hear that in terms of fun and unbridled enjoyment the unrivalled kings for now are DV8, 360 & Voodoo, observers say that these places are so filled on their days, that it is very difficult most times to move around. What do these joints have to offer? From what we heard, it's most often the drama that people see that's the attraction, groups of people with so much money to spend come in to the joints to compete on who can spend the most, in one night one person we hear can spend #2 to 3 Million Naira on drinks alone. We have heard of how on a night, a group of guys that have been tagged the Malaysian boys (they are supposedly into yahoo yahoo and yahoo plus) came to a particular joint and by the time they left they had finished about a hundred(100) bottles of Kristal Champagne, which goes for at least #150, 000 per bottle, so in total they must have spent about #15,000,000 on drinks alone that night. That's just one gist, there was also the episode of 2 groups competing on who was the king of spending and after ordering rounds  rounds of the champagnes, to show who was the master at a point one member of the other group got up, ordered for 2 bottles of Kristal did as if was walking back to his seat and right in front of the table of the other group did as if the bottles fell and broke, then walked back to the bar 2 more times and did the same thing (the guy broke #900,000 worth of drinks delibrately) and on getting back to his group ordered for a round of Kristal again (10 bottles), which is an additional 1.5 Million Naira. Many other stories abound on how people spend money as if it's going out of fashion. And you all must understand that where there is money, fun and music, expect to see the ''babes'' in all sizes and colour, in many state of near nakedness. 

From our findings, the best day to check out the beach is on a Sunday and the best time to come is from 10PM. According to regulars, you will see and marvel, especially when loads and loads of the daughters of eve, well endowed and bless leave nothing to the imagination as par their dressing and they come in multitudes. We hear that many celebs and well known faces are regulars and they come in disguises, including known footballers, Obafemi Martins is a regular and government officials. 

There is always enough to enjoy, apart from the spectacles that one sees, the grilled fish, Suya spots, asun joints, food are said to be from another planet and drink joints are too numerous to mention. Also you see many of those shady guys around everywhere offering you weed or skunk for sale. 


Anonymous said...

They have taken after the Oniru beach people. It's a good and legit way to make money. I still don't see what people get by going to the beach. Not a fan especially in Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

I have heard about this beach. How dey have undiluted fun. When dey begin see mammie water, their eye go clear. Going to beach in naija at 10pm? Nah wah.

Anonymous said...

And what does the Oba do with the money? Nothing. He's just choping d life of his head without developing Ikate land. Carry go Saheed, spend all the money on Kwam 1 and small small girls.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8:24pm, yes o, what does he do with the money? He must av spent some on bisi omo logbalogba's birthday over the weekend. His ancestors must be turning in der graves now.

Anonymous said...

Is that Bisi's new catch? Hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

that's Bisi's new catch and am wondering if he's even d father of her daughter, cause all these melano gate might even be a distraction for us not to suspect d real father of d baby cause who dates a woman that just put to bed????

2ndly now i know where d money his olori spend comes from, from her 2 PA's, her make up manager, gele tier, cream mixer and so on

ghen ghen ride on kabiyesi oooooo
i gbadun u die!