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Thursday, January 31, 2013



 We had tried as much as we could to refrain from writing about this issue, but we just couldn't hold ourselves in check anymore. So in order not to bust from pent up rage, it was better to release the tension and just pour out our mind in a mild manner. At least we haven't out of anger gone to make a bomb, to maim & kill just so to get attention and saying we are fighting for our right. Our own bombshell is to say our mind, whether anyone is listening or not, no matter whose ox is gored. 


The case of the convicted former director at the Police Pension Office is a case in point. Firstly, the fraud was committed against the Police. The man (John Yakubu Yusufu) in connivance with others misappropriate an amount said to be in the region of 27.2 billion Naira, we even heard that the total scam perpetrated was to the tune of 32.8 Billion Naira. The case of fraud was pursued by the EFCC who were seeking for conviction at least to show to the world that we were serious about our fight against corruption, after first grandstanding by claiming not to be guilty, the accused later agreed to change his plea to guilty on 3 counts, the trial judge (Justice Abubakar Talba) on giving judgement quite literally told the man to go and sin no more. Or how else does one interpret  the judgement. Let's look at the evidences provided by the prosecution and even what was before the judge. He was found guilty on 3 charges of misappropriating what didn't belong to him, he was told to refund 325 Million Naira, then he was to forfeit 32 properties in Abuja & Gombe, only one man? then the major snag of it was the main judgement, he was convicted on the 3 counts, each carrying a penalty of 2 years imprisonment, that should run concurrently, but he had an outlet not to even go to jail at all, there was an option of fine amounting to 250,000 (Two hundred & fifty thousand Naira only, just about $1500 Dollars) for helping to steal the pension's board dry!!! What a judgement!!! We recommend that the judge, should be nominated for the ''Man of the World awards in 2013''. What more evidence does a judge need to have to convict a thief(barawo). Imagine what his lawyer said, that since he was a first time criminal, who has had no prior record of misdeeds the judge should be lenient, as his family depends on him.
 From the above, so those who queue and die in the same line who had wanted to get what was legitimately theirs didn't have dependents. Lets even look at this issue from another angle. What's the difference between an armed robber who goes to rob people's homes with weapons, having the mind to kill or maim or what about the terrorists or militants, who says they are agitating for a cause and therefore kills and maims or the pen pusher thief, who sits in the comfort of his office and uses his weapon(Pen) to steal staggering amounts of  public funds that could have been used for building roads, building hospitals, and even uplift the lot of the masses, mind you because hospitals are not adequate or even have enough drugs or good equipments people die, because the roads are not good, accidents occurs and people also die, so a principle runs through the 3 examples and peoples lives are lost. So the pen thieves are murderers just like the other ones who use violence to achieve their goals. 

So what's the implication of the judgement on the people, the major one is that, you can afford to steal an astronomical amount of money, and at the end if you are caught, you only need to negotiate and you will only lose some very little and inconsequential amount and that 's it. What this also implies is that there are 2 sets of rules or law that governs us, there is the one for the rich criminals & another for the poor ones, who have no godfathers. So this also implies that when you need to steal, you must do it very big to escape what might happen if you are caught. Examples abound to support our assertion, Cecilia Ibru of the OceanicBank fame is one example, former Governor of Edo State, Chief Lucky Igbinedion is another, former Governor of Delta State, Chief James Onanafe Ibori is another, Chief Olabode George is another example. The one that majorly bellies belief was that of Chief George, who was celebrated to high heavens by his party supporters & people on coming out from jail, as a warrior who had gone to war and conquered and came out in one piece. So it must be honorable to be a thief?

So is it not obvious, that the nation in a way support monumental crimes, no wonder even the robbers caught sometime are seen on the streets not too long after, no wonder every young man or lady wants to get rich quick (yahoo yahoo, yahoo plus, Malaysian boys, drug couriers), no wonder people now see kidnap and abduction as easy access to money, no wonder people don't even think twice at doing rituals just to make money, no wonder people are willing to go to any length, men selling their bodies to other men, women going to any length, just so the society can see them as successful people. 

What a country, what a Nation. Mind you we know for a fact that all this things are not peculiar to Nigeria alone, but also have this in mind, we are writing about our primary constituent, we live here and we have seen more of the things here live than anywhere else. We hope prayers would still work as concerning our Nation, It is well.


Anonymous said...

I heard they let him go because our prisons were over congested

The truth! said...

Everyone!Pls call his number - 08058091040
God saved my sister from him o.He has been released now.Call him any tell him his evil becos he does not know and will do it again!

Anonymous said...

Use less country! God knows I have no faith in dis country anymore. Our government officials are. All thieves and may nemesies catch up with them n dia families for ruining d common en. As for d theif n d judge, may God judge them all!