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Sunday, March 24, 2013



We have a guest columnist on board now, his name is Joseph Sampson Edgar. Na Naija guy oooo, just go pack English name full for bodi. His page on our platform is titled Bull's eye and it is, his own view on many subject matters that would arise over the weeks. In his 1st outing with us, he has titled this particular piece- Kanu Nwankwo in a Gam. An unpalatable mess has been rearing it head in the relationship between erstwhile brothers and partners. Leading to accusations and counter accusations and even threat of arrest. So this is what this particular write-up is on

Kanu Nwankwo in a Gam

On my last trip from Abuja, I was confronted with a dilemma. Pay N32,000 and seat at the back of the Arik flight or pay the same amount and fly business class on Dana. My brother I took the seat nearest the toilet on Arik o. My mama is still alive o.

Immediately I boarded, I sported Kanu. My favourite player. I swore to talk to him if we landed Lagos safely. Immediately we landed, I rushed to his side and said hello. He politely responded and walked with me as we approached the terminal. As soon as I mentioned the Gam, his mood changed and almost strangled me with his eyes. The anger was muted but you could still see the fieriness in his mannerisms and tone of speech. He almost tripped on a bag in his quest to run from me before he did an Oscar Pisterious.

Now Gam is my friend and erstwhile business partner of Kanu. Gam held the forte business wise, while Kanu was out there making a name in the world of football. We heard all the wonderful things Gam was doing with the business empire all culminating in the ownership of the the Hardley Suites, which today is valued at over 2billion.

I do not know the details and would not want to be dragged into it. But from my discussions with mutual friends, Gam is being accused of all sort of atrocities which has led to his being kicked out in the cold despite his claims of being a part owner.

My position here, is for the two friends to lock themselves in a room and resolve this matter without hangers on and all sort of fair weather friends who are taking advantage of this situation to feather their own nests.

king Kanu should realise that his friendship with Gam has come a long way and should as a matter of urgency go beyond emotions and work with facts in a bid to resolving this embarrassing wahala. If Dangote and Otedola with much more at stake can resolve their  issues, why can't King Kanu and Gam do same.

I really blame Gam, cos if he had given me that Paul Smith shoe I begged of him last time I saw him, just maybe all this would not have happened. Anyways, I'm in prayers for an amicable solution so that these two close friends can resume their business partnership and much more importantly their friendship.


Tutsiebabes said...

Well said. I still believe that gam is the brain behind kanu's success. Having come a long way, feel they should put maturity and settle their differences. Ciao

Anonymous said...

Very well said Mr Joseph, I admire the fact that Nigerians are now being open about such discussions. I am of the opinion that Kanu Nwankwo who is first human before being a football ambassador and all the other things that he is (SA to imo state gov) should resolve this issue..... He should kill his pride and listen less to gossips. Gam is his friend and business partner so what da heck, call a truce.