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Thursday, March 28, 2013

TUFACE & ANNIE by Edgar Joseph in our Bull's Eye series

Now when I was just starting life, I used to know Annie as a small girl who shared a room at the BQ in the house where I used to go play games in a suburb in Lagos. I did not really know her then, but when she gained celebrity status, my then friend pointed it out.

Tuface has over the years ruled my heart. His humility, passion and talent all have combined to create an artiste that has achieved what I would call the artistic trinity. By this I mean you will find in his works, inspiration from the great Fela, the inspirational Bob Marley and the genius of Majek Fashek.

I first had a taste of his raw talent at the defunct French Cultural Centre. As a poor young man, I used to go with my wife Mofoluwake to go watch free shows. This particular evening, a young good looking boy snuck on stage and did one Bob Marley number and disappeared into the night. The performance was mesmerising and I told my wife to watch out for that guy.

The next time I saw him was at my Egbon's studio. The world famous Keke Ogungbe and I remember telling Egbon to sign this guy o.

But today, my story is on his courage. His ability to choose one out of the three or is it 4 women who have children for him. I cannot wait for his return from his fairytale wedding to ask him the following questions:

Was it the cooking, was it the sex, was it the colour, was it ayiri or was it Governor Akpabio that gave Annie the edge over the others.

These are very pertinent questions that could save our democracy and Tuface owes us the answers.

Finally, I am in strong support of Governor Akpabio's kind gesture towards the couple. Annie by this action has shown that Akwa Ibom women are not only beautiful, but are very patient. They would in every circumstance eagerly share their hubby with the rest of the world because of the innate confidence they have in their love making abilities. The men, once they taste Calabar and Akwa Ibom soup, always come back no matter the amount of stew our Yoruba sisters feed them with. They come rushing back with pile. Ask Alibaba.

My only grouse is that, Our wonderful Governor should have at least repaired the road leading to Annie's village and rename it after her as part of the wedding largess.

I thank you


Anonymous said...

what kind of write up is this??what are we suppose to know by this rambling????? mtchewwww

Mama Borngirl said...

Yay! Yay!! Cross river and Akwa Ibom women are good in the kitchen, in bed and we don't fight our rivals...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

rubbish.!! no Annie shud b given a state official appointment for settling down with a womanizer/ceo association of shameless he goats in Nigeria, just bcos he acquired fame and wealth...gosh y is this generation so intoxicated by wealth and affluence dat even make den forget about values .I luv tuface just bcos he's a talented artist....but people thinking Annie is d lucky woman for accepting such an irresponsible man is just madness ...tuface shud be d lucky man that Annie accepted him!!!!......but no,,, all of a sudden every nigerian gal wants to b in Annie's shoes. even looking at their wedding vows, one wud Hav expected tuface vow to at least Hav a form of remorse, promises and making it up to her for her courage to accept his proposal...but NO!....it was Annie professing all her allegiance again to him as long as she is still d almighty tuface wife.....ladies pls know ur self worth.........and enough of dis Annie's d lucky gal gist Abel

Heyes said...

Anonymous: March 29 7:29
well said o! Thank u!

Anonymous said...

Lol...this guy is being sarcastic!! Hahahahaha!!


Anonymous said...

Annon7:29pm,Gbam,you got it all.

veevee said...

@ Anonymous 7:29, I could not have said it better.
Alot of our people have sold their morals for money. Sad really.
I understand Annie loves him and was willing to put her self through all she did, but lets not make their relationship the symbol of love. Please especially ladies, know your self worth, respect yourself and dont settle for less than you deserve, and I dont mean money.

Anonymous said...

U don't.
U're well known 4 being jst plain stupid
Nd sharing ur men wit d world
Thus showing ur zero self esteem.
Oponu oshi

Anonymous said...

Nd don't 4get
Buy plenty bucket and handkerchief for ur sista-in-stupidity
She'll nid it 4 all d tears 2 come
Stupid geh

Anonymous said...

What a stupid write up. lost soul. mscheeew

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot, what nonsense

Anonymous said...

U guys sud shut d fuck up.why d beef.I don't no Annie or ave any feelings 4 her but d truth must b told.what is wrong in marrying 2face,afterall she already had a baby 4 him and perhaps how many guys out there is ready to settle down with after 1.most of d married ladies abusing Annie,their husby's own is worse and most of dem don't even ave happy happy and as 4 d single ladies abusing her,pls pray 4 us and stop critising her or do u no d kind of man u'll end up getting married to so stop all dis insult and live her alone,its her life and dats what she want abeggy...Abim