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Sunday, March 24, 2013


One would have thought that after taking a vow to remain true to one person and one person alone, the jumping about would have stopped. But alas! it hasn't. Instead of just anyhow people like it used to be before, now by virtue of her status, it's the top people that gets to enjoy the Bermuda triangle now. 

Who are we talking about? It's none other than the role interpreter whose name sounds like entering a State in the South-south, where the State Chief Executive used to be a fire-brand protester. The lady herself is from the South-south axis-where the money seems to be flowing now like a river. Her beau and State Executive enjoys the notoriety of being the unrepentant sprinkler of seeds and largesse. Let's digress a bit and tell you about this big personality. He has his pimps permanently on call, looking for his specification, a famous hotel in his state and his guest houses all over are filled with delicious daughters of eve, waiting to be summoned. One of his current flame is that confluence, where many rivers come in to. This particular one is enjoying a place at the 'seaside parade' block of flats in Banana Island as we speak, all by the special grace of 'Oga at the top''.

Back to our dark and shapely role interpreter, she also at a point in time was like the apple of Oga's eyes. Mainly because she's a celeb, very recently at a function, she had tried all her possible best to get the attention of 'Oga at the Top' only to be rebuffed, apparently Oga had some new conquest to deal with, so didn't want what he could always get. Our babe was so sad, but not wanting to go away from the function alone and spend the night alone. The married lady, had to step down from her high horse and followed a Local Government Chairman, whose name corresponds with wires. 

Many have had to complain a bit about this brand ambassador, who loves to drink and smoke, but doesn't seem to know how to control her consumption. Once she's tipsy, we hear whoever is around at that time, might just be the lucky son of a gun. 


Anonymous said...

Her name is no need sef u won't post it... But srzly what us wrong wit her?i pity her us based hubby

Mama Borngirl said...

Ini E! The gist has been all over Uyo and Calabar for a while. Lil wonder they all marry foreign husbands or snatch husbands.

Anonymous said...

Ini E!!!! Always forget she is married

Anonymous said...

Hmm her gist don plenty I no sabi as she dey do am

Anonymous said...

That one wey she marry na marriage? Snatching up someones's husband. When last was she seen in d company of d So called husband? God help her