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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Congratulations to one of Nigeria's most hardworking actresses, in the person of Ini Edo. On the occasion of the premiere of her new film production titled- Weekend Getaway. We weren't around to see the new film at the premiere, but we heard that the turn out was great and that the film was a good one and that it was very well produced. That's another gong up the sleeve of the gorgeous actress.

We would just want to commend her and wish her the best in her future endeavours, we believe there's still more great things to come from her. However, we would love to confirm from the hardworking actress and now film producer, the truth about the rumour in town that the new production that was shot in its entirety in her home state Akwa Ibom, cost her a whooping 60 Million Naira. And also, if it is true that a certain State Government gave the full financial support.

If it is true, it must mean that certain State Government(s) are really doing their best in support of industry, which is a good sign.  

Thanks, as we hear the truth.


Anonymous said...

Lool... It was shot in her home state akwa ibom? Lol we can guess who d philantropic governor is already.. Gov akpabsy #okbye

Anonymous said...

This governor and his idea on philantropy.
Plus he is doing the who is who in Nigeria, all of whom give blood before they can be with him.

Ini congrats on your "hard work"

Anonymous said...

Na real hard work, make we leave Tory for toryjones
All dem secrets go soon open
It's a matter of time

Anonymous said...

Enough info about this in town, but people are fed up of your posts being removed, so they loose interest in joining the conversation.

Anonymous said...

When is ini gonna tell us she is no longer married?

Anonymous said...

Great movie!!! Me like...!

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