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Saturday, October 5, 2013


We are not trying to insinuate anything at all. But in our own opinion and that opinion really counts for nothing here we believe; We just think that this 2 look very cool together. It would be a good match up, the kind that dreams are made of.

By that we mean, a match up between the duo of the incredibly gorgeous Rita Dominic and Nigeria's & Chelsea FC, football star in the person of Mikel Obi. 

Both stars apparently met sometime very recently and had this innocent shot of themselves taken. We even loved the way the picture was captioned ''Guess who came to dinner....a baller and a gentleman #mikelobi . Hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

She's nothing but a home recker.... I wonder why women re like this.. 10yrs ago she tried so hard to reck his managers home nd cld nt succed .nw, shhe trying it again..... How desperate can this piece of shit be??? Desperate destitute....

Fan said...

I cannot help myself but here you go:
W goes with "recker"
A with "re" and "nd"
O in between "nw"
No redundant H in your "shhe"
Excessive use of the period. One will do each time.

Maybe she now has her eyes on Mikel. After all he is single. They are both single.

Anonymous said...

Mama Mikel just go on 7days dry fasting for ur son ooo!!! cos dis old cargos is on the prowl her eggs are frying fast.

Anonymous said...

Mama Mikel pls go on a 7day dry fasting this cargo is on the prowl her eggs her frying up fast and time is ticking out for a husband.

Anonymous said...

After a rather scandalous relationship with his manager, O.S i doubt mikel will as much as look at her with any interest. You can never tell though, She slept with almost all her ex's friends so maybe mikel wants to take his own cake

Anonymous said...

This old cargo, desperatly looking for who to hatch her eggs, was invited to london by O.S mikel's manager, I heard she's trying so hard to get him back since his wife died , tho his n a relationship nw, but this Rita of a girl will nt jst allow it be. I wonder what women profit in distroying another's relationship simply becos they can't get 1 for themselves self..... She's jst a whore & a home wrecker...