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Saturday, October 5, 2013


Korede Roberts owns one of the premier lifestyle stores in Lagos, Nigeria. His brand is called Fusion and over the years he has been able to build a clientele list that boasts a who-is who of the famous lifestyle connoisseurs. Not only does he sell lifestyle products to those in the know, he lives, breathes and exhales it. 

We have said it a countless times that if the top 50 most stylish Nigerians and by extension Africans are mentioned, the young man in his early 30's would be mentioned unambiguously many times over. 

That he is a cognoscenti or should we put it in plain English, a dandy who has vast knowledge of his terrain is just like stating the obvious. The young and very stylish dude has just added to his garage a brand new metallic golden brown Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. A machine many car buffs and style savvy would give an arm and a leg to own. As at the last count, we remember seeing a black LR4, which when it came out, was one of the first 3 in the country, we also remember seeing that out of this world Audi S5 Coupe. A car we hear is coveted by most car enthusiasts from all over the world, but before we could say Jack Robinson, he had already sold it by late December of last year-2012. But still yet in his garage is a beautiful golden brown, 2.5 American specs Jetta.  Those who have had the privilege of seeing his abode says Korede is one man that practices to the last t, what he preaches on lifestyle.

Around the time he sold the Audi, the style/car buff had apparently placed on order the 2014 Porsche Carrera 911 4S Coupe. And after waiting for a few months, about a few weeks ago the machine called car arrived the shores of the country. From the little snippet we could get, it was a designer car in all ramifications, made to specification. The interior is blood red and just think about all the works and you have it in the car. Porsche Carrera 911 4S Coupe does 0-60 in 4.3 secs  and reaches a high speed of about 185 mph. From the little info we could get, it goes for about $105, 630 Dollars, which in Naira is about #15.9 Million Naira and it could be more depending on specification.

The only thing we can say about this young man is just that, if you can work so hard to stand out in what you do, then you can afford to play hard to have the luxuries of life at your beck and call.

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Anonymous said...

these custom made cars are driven on the streets of Lagos, how does that work?