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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


We have tried to find the words, but truly nothing much came forth. If not for anything at all, at least we are thankful that we are alive and OK. Today, Tuesday, October 1, 2013 is Nigeria's 53rd birthday. 

From 1960 till now, how far have we come? Have there been major improvements? Have we learnt on this journey so far? 

How far have we come as a country? In 53 years we still have not been able to agree on leaving together, forging ahead and achieving great things. We still suffer from suspicions, the number one thing that should be our strength, which is our diversity seems a major weight, an albatross on our necks. 

A nation that is so blessed by God, with everything all other nations of other continents would kill to have. Unbelievably abundant mineral resources. Gloriously rich and fertile land mass. Our human resources is first grade, in terms of skills and sheer numbers, we  even have some of the most brilliant people on the face of the Earth, in all areas of human endeavours, banking and finance, science and medicine, governance and economy, religion and the arts, fashion, lifestyle and entertainment etc. 

But instead of us shaking the world as one of the top 5 nations of the universe, according to how God has ordained us to be, strife, greed, theft, violence etc seem to have become the order of the day. 



What a nation and what a people. But as much as it looks bleak, as much as darkness of negativity wants to becloud us, want thing is for sure, there's that unbelievably extra strong Nigerian spirit of never say die, we would not remain trampled underfoot. There's light somewhere at the end of the tunnel. 

God has shifted his great attention on this most populous black nation on the face of the Earth and by his grace and tutelage, things would begin to happen and we all shall see it and marvel. It would be unbelievable for those who never had any hope in this country. Those few who have stolen the collective wealth of this nation shall be brought to the threshing floors. Those who have made our Hospitals mere consulting places, while we have some of the best doctors in the world left frustrated would soon start feeling the pinch. You all need to take a trip to LUTH to see what suffering is all about, the nurses and carers have become immune to humanity, love for others have waxed cold. Children under 10 years are suffering from cancer and they have no help. Many have been discharged from hospitals but cannot go home because they can't pay their fees. 

And we have some of the richest people on the face of Earth in this country. What stops Dangote & Adenuga from building 4 of the best Hospitals in the 4 corners of Nigeria, that would cost the mass of the people their necks. 

What stops Otedola & Alakija from building some of the best schools in at least 5 to 10 states in Nigeria and the fees to such schools would be so subsidized that it would be nearly free and the brilliant kids of the less privileged would be given the opportunity to excel. 

What stops a Jimoh Ibrahim & a Sayuu Dantata from setting up some of the biggest mechanised farms in Nigeria that would employ thousands of the people and help reduce poverty and unemployment.

What stops many of those who drink Champagne, Brandies & Whiskies costing several hundreds of thousands, driving humongous cars costing several millions, building several houses or edifices that they would never live in, that are worth billions from setting up charities to help those who are genuinely less privileged. 

If we refuse to act now, the anger is getting more and more fertile by the day and when it shall erupt, God helps all of us. The last riots in the UK is a pointer to what neglect can cause.

Are we going to say that at 53 years old we are too young ? Hmmmmmmm!!!!

Nigeria is God's own country and despite of all the troubles that surrounds and that tries to suffocate us, we would hold on to our dream and our hope. 

Happy birthday Nigeria from us at MM.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aloba you are asking all these questions. WHAT STOPS THEM? You glorify and dine with these same devils that have continually plundered the nations wealth.Rob our noses in stolen ferraris,lamborghinis, mansions,bentleys and their opulence lifestyles and u ask why can't they give back to the society.Like seriously!! Aloba. Couple of days ago u posted pictures of Arthur Nzeribe's daughter's wedding in their mansion in England, how much does a senator make realistically to afford all that shenanigans.