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Thursday, October 17, 2013


This is our hilarious day starter featuring very hilarious Wizkid, undoubtedly Nigeria's most sought after performer presently and he is surely having fun unparallelled. Flying around the world from one venue to another, being mobbed by crowds and legions of adorable fans, most especially gorgeous damsels. What are world to live in, we sure envy him.

And because he is a star, he gets to have most things that we would give an arm & a leg to have, one of them is the freedom to do whatsoever he likes and it would be seen as being a star or some look at it as eccentricity. 

We came across this picture of him recently, showing the world one part of the female anatomy or structure that he 'gbaduns' (loves) above all. Hmmmmmmm!!! Can you feel the power behind him cupping the ..............

Boy!!!!!!!!He must have loved them twin-peaks growing up ooooooooooo!!!!

Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!Statue is found at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra, Ghana.

1 comment:

One Gud Chick said...

Funniest part is that I'm nt a fan of his and do not listen to his songs nor do I like his personality, he and Olamide are so overated. I would go with burna boy