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Sunday, October 20, 2013



If when madam, Ms Stella Oduah, the owner of the SPG brand was appointed as the Aviation Minister of Nigeria had had any premonition that it was going to be a thankless job like this, we are very sure she would have asked that she be appointed to a less troublesome ministry. 

The hardworking madam, must have been so appointed, especially to this particular lucrative ministry because of the level of support she must have given towards the election of the President. By hindsight now, if she had known this much stress, wahala, abuse etc would follow her stewardship in that ministry she would have gladly allowed another appointee of hers to take charge, while she would clandestinely continue to control things from the background and still be making her good money on the side from the supply of aviation fuel without much fuss. 

Madam Stella instead of getting commendation for various little progresses here and there that she has been making at our airports, is now the butts of jokes, abuses and accusations over 2 major things; One of them is that since she came on board, there has been 2 major air crashes with terrible numbers of fatalities (The Dana Air crash that killed all on board and the more recent Associated Airline crash that killed 15) and a few other mishap totaling 7 in all in 2 years. The second major thing is her acceptance of 2 bulletproof machines known to most as BMW cars said to have cost in the region of $1.6m(about N255M), purchased by the body that should be in charge of anything that has to do with aviation in Nigeria, the NCAA. A body that is under her ministry, but is still supposedly autonomous. 


The first one above that involves crashes and near mishaps, if we look at it very critically and we are allowed to say the truth the mishaps were not directly caused by madam. It is mainly as a result of the rot that has pervaded that sector over the years. Truth be told all those that have held the post of Minister of Aviation over the years, should all be held responsible for the rot in that ministry till date and all should be indicted. We must understand that it would take a near miracle and unflinching focus to totally undo all the mess that has been the lot of the Aviation sector in the times past. That the woman is even making a little effort at doing something, she should be commended. The only sad aspect of it all is that madam in trying to explain herself and her works made use of the wrong choice of words; for her to have implied that crashes are inevitable and an act of god is totally irresponsible. If she knew very well that she had a problem with putting words together, the right thing for her to do would have been to get a well qualified spokesperson who could have done a more fantastic job. 

The 2nd issue which is the other reason she's getting lampooned and even being asked to resign now, is her acceptance of 2 humongous car gifts from the NCAA that has set back that body by about $1.6m Dollars. 
Why would the NCAA have thought to 'bribe' the minister with those cars? 
Were those cars given to the office of Madam Aviation or were they donated to her as her personal properties? 
If madam is facing a probe now for accepting the 'bribes', so what happens to the giver of the bribes in this case the NCAA (director(s))? 
Is this a one time occurrence from the NCAA or is this how they normally buy cars, houses etc for the substantive Minister in charge of Aviation, are they even supposed to do that?
Is it that the FG never provided cars for the minister in the first instance? 
These are some of the questions that begs for answers. 

We hope the matter wouldn't be swept under the carpet like most in the past. The FG through the Presidency has come out to say the Minister would be probed, hmmmm we hope so, that's because we know she's one of the closest person to the President himself. 

Now that the likes of renowned lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN) has joined his voice to those calling for a probe, especially petitioning the EFCC & even giving the body an ultimatum of 7 days, to probe the Minister or be sued.

Let's see how this matter would unfold!!!

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