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Monday, December 4, 2017


Denrele Edun


Picture from Fashion Bomb

Picture from Fashion Bomb

GENDERLESS? Neither male nor female, that's what it connotes immediately in the mind, no restrictions, no law, one can be on either side of the divide as one deem fit or okay, or is it like saying haemaphrodite both genders (organs) on one same one person? Can that even really be?

We ask that basically because there's nothing like being GENDERLESS! But in Fashion, genderless is gradually like the new rave or fad. Male wearing feminine outfits, garbs, ensemble without any fear of  being tagged.

Yes we quite understand that the female/feminine can afford to be genderless style wise, they can afford to be very "FLUID" which is what we know is referred to as "androgynous"!

But now also, it seems like that supposed fluidity has creeped into men fashion/style too, and some men have begun to greatly embrace it and are showing off their feminine side with much aplomb, displaying some Oomph factor or so it seem!

Yes we know that its not a totally new thing, we know many have always explored that other side of themselves openly, even though they did that such were immediately tagged and not seen as being straight. The GENDERLESS style we are talking about here is not just wearing those pants with skirts attached, we are talking about wearing female blouses, the skirts and female shoes etc, we mean the  whole 9 yards!

Someone like Denrele Edun that has consistently for a few years now done it, was seen as weird and maybe a cross between the 2 worlds. But some also too have thought that his various ensembles/garbs were part of act, a deliberate package of a personae he is projecting, which he is making money and livelihood from and that maybe he cannot be pigeonholed into a particular box because of that.

One person that has defied definition is Bobrisky, he without minding whose ox is gored, has been very open about his preference, he live, breathes, exhales, walk and sleeps it. He dresses very feminine with glee and much aplomb, he has since totally submitted to that side of himself. 

So would more men embrace the "genderless" style? Are we going to see more of our so called macho, more heterosexual men take up this genderless thing? 


Anonymous said...

Nigeria the Sodom and Gomorrah of Africa. Everytime Lucifer finishes his work out west and boards plane, his first stop is always Nigeria. He feels comfortable in Nigeria and like zombies all the idiots follow suit

Fan said...

Call them what they are, they are wearing female clothes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, u can say that again๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ™Œ

Palesa said...

Exactly! No sugar coating anything to make it look fancy.