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Tuesday, April 3, 2018


What you are reading about is as real and true as was told by one member of the duo. This is an account by the husband about his much much younger wife and he spoke for several hours without prompting. He wasn't under duress in anyway, but just felt the need to purge, so when he opened the tap, it was like a waterfall cascading down like a mighty tempest. It is no fiction, but a story the sort that movies are made of or books written about and it would win major awards for good script and if well acted.

The man involved is a rich man. In the days of yore, he controlled much power, having supported many to attain political power here and there. In those days he controlled much cash and was well celebrated it was the days of newspapers and magazines unlike now the internet and social media have taken over.

The powers that be then were at his beck and call, he hosted them at his homes which still have relics of the past, they hosted him, he and them were on first name basis. His company then was huge in the sector it was involved in, in fact it had many expatriates working there, he was most probably the number one then, in that business. It was a lifestyle one that the rich and famous patronised, from bringing the goods in, he later set up his own humongous first class factory that was the envy of all.

He had had badass money and used to own a mall that he later sold. He was married several times before he met the young beauty. Who he had thought that finally he had reached his last bus stop, so he was willing to bend over backwards to accomodate so much.

The lady who is the chief actor in this story, is tall and gorgeous. In fact she was an ex-beauty queen, who schooled at a point in the UK, before coming back. Dad very briefly held a position of influence at a government parastatal for a tiny winny bit. She has other siblings, all female. When we first knew her she was hooked on grass, we never knew if she graduated from grass to other things, but what we know first hand and for a fact was that at a point, what she took affected her negatively and she nearly went bunkers. Then she was moving from one friend's abode to the other. Before she finally got a place of her own on the island, where fortune came and smiled on her as her path and that of the wealthy man crossed and it was like a thunderbolt had hit him, that he couldn't recover from quite easily.


The older man, who is young at heart had a girlfriend he really dotted on living in the same compound as our young lady. A sucker for respect and good home training. Whenever the man comes to see his babe, our young, tall, light complexioned lady most often is out and about, always in some ways showing off her assets maybe not wearing the bra and things, kneeling down greeting the man and welcoming him. The man kept a mental note of how such a beauty was so respectful, it was like he was being sort of worshipped, while the one he comes to see was more of troublesome.

He came around one day and met the young lady in some sort of mess, distress, dilemma and she was somewhat distraught. Apparently she was owing rent and the landlord had told her to pack out. The man felt pity for her and what was the loss of the other lady was the gain of our darling.  So from then on, her husband to be took charge of her life, helped paid the money owed and even gave her a Range Rover thereafter, it was like an angel from heaven had come and things had changed drastically in the twinkle of an eye.

But even with all the changes on the outward our lady who has always been a wanton still remained true to type. Imagine that her new manfriend had come to see her one day unannounced, but she was busy and refused to open the door for her new man to come in. After banging the door severally knowing she was inside he left. It was later after she was accused that she confessed that she was only getting a head, not actually doing the main thing and the dude giving her the head was her hairguy!

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The lady knowing her new man's weak points, knew how to manipulate him with hot s*#. The man himself was easily swayed because he was much older and it was his trip that a young lady half his age was his love. He had married several times over, no wife with him as at the time, so he wanted a "trophy wife" and he felt this was the ideal one. So whatever his babe did, he accepted because there was what he himself wanted to gain.

The young lady actually hoodwinked her man to believe a sharp young man, a loud dude who is into "luxury estates" was her so called boss, while what was going on was that they were actually the strongest of bed mates! Our lady is a hot babe, who is willing to "service'' anyone as long as they are very liquid and there's what she could gain from every relationship. Those who have shared her pleasure island reads like a virtual who is who.

Back to the story of her and her much older man. While he wanted a trophy wife to make him feel young at heart, the lady only wanted to use our man as a means towards an end. In order to stop her promiscuity, her man asked her how much she was earning as salary from her so called job and agreed to double it and even pay her ahead for a whole year in one fell swoop. The biggest scam was still coming ooooooo and this even included her parents.

She and her man agreed to marry, but it must be done in the correct way so says young lady, with the active participation of her immediate family- dad, mom and sisters. So to arrange the whole wedding ceremony accordingly the man paid the lady's dad some millions to arrange things like they had asked. The man asked for a car also in the interim to move about for ease, but the ceremony never held, and both money and car entered voicemail afterwards, though the ceremony never saw the light of the day.

The man again gave the parents money, some millions again to rent a suitable apartment for themselves, but never knew where his own so called in-laws rented same. This he would come to know was a deliberate plan afterwards. That first wedding arrangements never held, but all the funds expended was never returned and even the temporary transportation.

When the man should have realised he had entered into some advanced game to fleece him, was when before the lady moved into his home, he had caught her several times in compromising situations but just overlooked all.

Despite all of these inadequacies old man was madly in love. Then they did what was supposed to be a ceremony and she moved in to their house. Our old man has apartments both on the mainland and island.

The game for the lady was that she was willing to stoop low to conquer. She had her game plan from the word go, get everything she could get and then move on, dumping the man like bad habit.

She wanted to own her own business, her own products for lifestyle, the man obliged her. So samples were made and sent. It was those first samples sent that she used to open business. They had traveled to one of the Asians countries known for their neatness at one point. Entering some of the best stores, out lady would try several things and was taking pictures like she was buying or would buy these things which she now flooded the social media with and that her gullible followers lapped up. Pictures inside private jet, helicopter were all not true taken when those machines were inspected, they were done while she and husband inspected such and then they were flashed endlessly on the social media for gullible followers to lap up like she actually flew the jet and helicopter.

All of these times she was doing her things like she wanted and was becoming more independent by the day and getting more and more uncontrollable. Things were reported to the parents who were actually in active connivance with their daughter. Curiously she has sisters too, who have not been able to keep a stable home too.

Her dad was a temporary big boy at a time, before the time quickly faded away, so their glory was actually in the past!

Imagine that while married, she and her young real estate magnate were still meeting up having their dalliances. In fact husband caught both of them at a point at a well known hotel on AA in Victoria Island, in an encounter that nearly turned nasty, as the young man in desperation wanted to jump down from the top of the building, it took the intervention of a high ranking Police officer to calm frayed nerves and things were somewhat resolved. Imagine that lady was able to hoodwink her husband again in a video to claim all was well, when actually it wasn't!

At the end of the matter, when it was her time to dump her man, she just swept her apartment totally clean one day and disappeared, never to return again. The next thing we heard, she had gotten pregnant, for who? None knows! She's now a proud "owner"/landlady of a mall now. So it seems like things have finally worked out.

You see her now at events or parties dressed to the nines, behaving like the acting big madam that she now is. If she becomes the wife of a Governor or top politician sometime soon in the future, it wouldn't surprise many that know her well, and that's because she's very focused and would do anything to get there.

Her nos 1 preoccupation is to become a respected and well followed celebrity, which is why even 70% of the followership on her social media page is bought, but we cannot begrudge her for doing her best and we are actually praying for more grease to her elbow!


Anonymous said...

DID I HEAR DL. She has always been a plastic surgery beauty Ho.

Anonymous said...

This Is madam Dabota
They never get satisfied

Fan said...

Dabbing away. Meanwhile, Mr. Sunday met his match in Madam Dabbing. Didn't an ex-wife die mysteriously and another one cannot open her mouth to say what happened? AA hotel? I thought it was the one on AB - FPH?

Anonymous said...

Sunny needs to shut up and sit his wrinkled ass somewhere!
What did he expect when he was running after his daughter's age mate?
Not a fan of DL,but he got what he bargained for.

Palesa said...

The scam is real! 😂😂 now begs the question, who is the father of her daughter?

Anonymous said...

Jamba ta fun jamba ra! Cunny man die, cunny man kill am

Anonymous said...

Damn!!! The lagos queen of finesse!

Bubble gum said...

But the little girl is Sunny's photocopy nau