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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


We met her by chance at one of the #bbnaija events and had asked to take her picture expecting some air of forming as a new star/celebrity in the making like do, but for her nothing like that at all, she's as natural as you can try to define it, very r. e. a. l. She immediately obliged and even gave her phone number for the picture to be sent to her and even said thank you afterwards! Now we believe this is the beginning of a friendship we hope would be forever. The young, good natured lady is already looking ahead and forward at the future to exploit all the opportunities that time and chance would bring her way. She is even very ready to hit the ground running towards achieving her goals at striking gold as she knows that time awaits no one.

We had a quick fire chat with the lady with the great voice that's ready made perfectly for the radio or TV thereafter. And we have thought to share. There's the likelihood that in the nearest, very nearest future at that, that the starlet known as Ifu Ennada, would be hosting either her own syndicated radio or TV program and we can't just wait for it to happen.We asked her about 12 quick fire questions on various things, check out her responses.


Now that the BBNAIJA 2018 game as ended officially, what's next?

I am already working on some film and TV projects, and not just that, I am also launching my line of natural hair care products. I am already in the studio recording with Flip Tyce and since I am a keep fit addict, I am also exploiting that as I am starting a 30 days weight loss challenge project that would get all interested involved.

Were there gains for you participating in the game or reality TV show?

Most certainly there were gains! My popularity has grown through the roof, I made money and would still make and most especially my commercial value has increased far more than  before!

If there were gains, how do you hope to consolidate them, exploit the opportunities opened &  opening to you?

More after the break.

I am already exploiting them. I already have over 200k followers on Instagram alone and I am already working out different ways to monetize it. Thanks to my fans, to whom I am very grateful.

By virtue of hindsight now, with what you have seen now, if given the chance again what would you have done better?

Honestly, I would have just enjoyed myself more. I believe I played a good game and what was supposed to happen, happened.

Did you think that Miracle deserved to win?

Absolutely! I campaigned for him and even put some money on him to win.

Were you in anyway shocked that after the whole brouhaha in the house about Cee-C and her behavior, that she was the 1st runner up?

No I wasn't. Nigerians are Drama Lovers.

Apart from the entertainment value of the show, what else does it teach or try to pass across?

Speaking from a participant point of view, it teaches one to be able to work under pressure and be more social.

Who amongst the housemates is or did you consider as your best pal/mate and why?

I am friends with princess and I am cool with a couple of other housemates, but I wouldn't say any is my best pal!

Any regrets at all?

Zero regrets.

Tell us a little more about you that we don't know already?

I like to surprise people, watch my page.

Paint the immediate future for us, what are we to expect? ? What projects are you working on right now? What's the next big thing for you now.

I already answered that question...I am also looking forward to getting into Hollywood.

Your mantra for living? What makes you tick? A word or more to your fans!

To my fans, I want them to know that nothing is impossible with God - that's what my name Ifu Ennada truly means.

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