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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Surat Oluwakemi

Damilola Tolulope 

Oluwakemi with dad

Wedding Train

Damilola and Oluwakemi
Cutting the  cake

The Landmark Lagos engagement and traditional wedding event or that part of the event was a massive occasion, with all expected trappings. All the society bigwigs et al, royal fathers, business men and women, friends and family members and more showed up in good numbers to make it a memorable occasion in support of a jolly good fellow, in former banker turned property magnate in the person of Mr Stephen Bisi Onasanya and his adorable wife Helen.

The part 2, which was the white wedding like we had already informed was a destination wedding affair and it was in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates over the weekend. Compared to the Lagos event, it was a more modest affair in every way, in sheer size, guest list etc but even at that it didn't lack in class or distinction at all, as it was still topnotch and very stylish at that.

The handsome groom Tolulope adopted to wear a white smart looking tuxedo over a black pant, the simple and very classy wedding outfit worn by the bride Oluwakemi only let her all round gorgeousness just flow out the more without it getting submerged in some voluminous wedding dress/outfit which normally takes the whole attention instead of the person wearing it.

All in all, it all looked like a stupendously classy affair in a very idyllic location.

Pictures were provided by the son of the ever ebullient Publisher of Ovation International Magazine, Basorun Dele Momodu in the person of Eniafe Momodu and Aydinademyildirim.

More pictures after the break

Exchanging vows

Groom's men

The bride & her ladies

Prayer time

The Groom & his men 


Anonymous said...

Haaa what rubbish on the bridesmaids body?

Anonymous said...

Haaa what rubbish on the bridesmaids body?

Mama Borngirl said...

Beautiful couple, HML to them. I thought Dubai destination weddings are fading out.

Anonymous said...

Classy? It doesn’t!

Anonymous said...

....not really, just that people are throwing more glamorous strictly by IV weddings in Lagos that the atmosphere will look foreign.

Anonymous said...

What do you know about classy? Loudness isn’t classy!!!

Anonymous said...

What makes it classy, Just because it’s in Dubai doesn’t mean it’s turn out was poise.
Loudness? Now that’s trashy.This was basic.

Anonymous said...

Afi poise naa!!!! This has nothing to do with Dubai. Basic can be classy.

Anonymous said...

Happy married life to you guys!! Sealed

Anonymous said...

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