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Friday, April 13, 2018



In about 24 hours to now, Saturday, April 14, 2018 to be more precise, the former Governor of EKITI State, who is in fact the current Minister for Solid Minerals Development, Dr. John Olukayode Fayemi one of those 3 very influential points men via which the President had wanted to impress Nigerians, the others being former Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola- (the Minister for Works, Power & Housing) & Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi-(Minister for Transportation), would be declaring his intention to run for Governor of EKITI State, to do what would be considered his 2nd term in office.

Dr. FAYEMI had done veritably well as Governor about 4 years ago during his administration which ran from 2010 to 2014, before he was soundly and roundly defeated at the election for his 2nd term, in fact he was beaten at every of the Local Government Areas by hurricane Fayose in the person of the now incumbent Peter Ayodele Fayose, who had preceded Fayemi, though not immediate. Many couldn't believe what happened then, though much ca me up about tyat election late,  but it was too late and nothing was actually prover for a fact. It was like a nightmare dream organised by Fayose when it happened, but one of what he used then was his closeness to the grassroots which worked overwhelmingly for him, a closeness that Fayemi didn't enjoy in his first missionary journey.

Now after Fayose of PDP has done his 2 terms, though not together immediately and is already on the way out, and is even hoping to install his deputy at all cost, the opposition are in a frenzy to replace him too at all cost.

One of those who wants to rule Ekiti again is the highly cerebral Dr. Olukayode FAYEMI of the APC, the man with the intimidating and staggering resume, that if by virtue of academic prowess alone, he should just sit back and rest and coast home to a landslide victory, but it's not just about that only at all, one only hope he has learnt his lessons. Imagine that the man with a Doctorate degree in War Studies from the renowned and prestigious King's College University of London, England specialising in Civil-Military relations is emminently qualified to take the stable again.

EKITI state should expect a battle royale of the most awesome kind, especially with the caliber of the array of those who have declared their intentions. One of the closest persons to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in the person of Senator Babafemi Ojudu an APC member in the senate, has already declared & launched his intention a few weeks back and his support is increasing more and more by the day. Another strongman of APC who we hear is also eagerly nursing the same ambition is another former Governor and top member of the elders council of the ruling party APC, in the person of Chief Segun Oni, in fact Dr. Fayemi replaced Chief Oni as the executive Governor of EKITI after the Court in Ilorin threw him out as not being the legitimate winner of the then election.

How the APC hopes to be able to manage these many egos, is still baffling for us, as none of these men are willing to back down for each other. The same scenario that created the schism and division that shot them on the foot the last time and allowed Fayose to cost home to victory, is again rearing up its head. That year Opeyemi Bamidele and Kayode Fayemi fought themselves to a standstill, thereby polarizing their own support base and dividing it totally. It is a well known fact that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Not only the above though, it is also a very well known fact that Ojudu is from the camp of Tinubu, a somewhat anointed son in whom the godfather is well pleased. But Fayemi is known to be a man of and on his own, a member of the new school (Fayemi and Governor Rotimi Akeredolu and a few others are of that school), who of recent have been willing to call the bluff of the godfather and are even hell bent on demystifying the godfather. Something of the sort of what Aketi and Fayemi perfected in Ondo, that won Rotimi Akeredolu that election. So can they perform this miracle twice? Can Fayemi afford an open battle with the Asiwaju & Jagaban? Let's just wait and see, fingers crossed?

So would Fayemi's intention come to fruition, especially with the APC? Let's wait and see also. What we know for a fact now though is that, it seems like the former Governor and now Minister seems to have the resources, the financial muscle and the intellectual sagacity and capacity to take anyone on, no matter who. Cerebral-wise, he is up there among the elite, wherewithal wise as in resources, he is also up there, but political maneuvering wise, is he too? That we believe has always been the forte of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. An art he has perfected to stratopheric levels.

Come this Saturday, April 14, 2018 in EKITI State at the APC Party secretariat Ajilosun, Ado EKITI, Dr Kayode Fayemi would begin his 2nd missionary journey in his quest to return as the Governor of the fountain of knowledge, also known as the Land of Honour and Integrity. To help him dazzle his teeming supporters who are sure to come out enmasse on Saturday, which actually is the day the electioneering umpire INEC would flag off electioneering officiallying in the state as it concerns the upcoming gubernatorial election, exactly 3 months before voting proper on July 24, 2018 would occur, we hear would be one of the best exponents of the Fuji music genre, he is referred to as the king of Fuji dance hall, gentleman, Amb. Suleiman Adio Atawewe (Akile 1).

Reason for Atawewe's choice as the one to lead other entertainers for Dr Fayemi's declaration is premised on his calm and non-violent mien, which connects very well with the Minister's type of classy and gentleman's personality. Dr Fayemi is a known advocate of peace and a gentleman to the core. 


Fan said...

He's not stolen enough? What did he forget to steal there?

Anonymous said...

I pray his LOSES. FAYEMI is a heartless, wicked thief. He is coming after Fayose, so Fayose better find a replacement.

FAYEMI government aides are RAPISTS.
FAYEMI government aides are RAPISTS.

Anonymous said...

FAYEMI government aides are RAPISTS.

Anonymous said...

I have admiration for this guy for his calm demeanor until cannot believe his level of greediness. This man was Governor for 4 years and Minister for 3 years and wonder what he left behind in Governor's office that he is going back to get. This recycling nonsense is the reason why the country is not moving forward. Shame on him

Anonymous said...

Fayemi the educated armed robber!

Mama Borngirl said...

If you've been truly raped, do speak out. No rapist should go scot free.

Anonymous said...

..but while he was the governor, what did he do?other than speaking vocabularies to hungry ekiti people.
he wants to go back to embezzle what he couldn't conclude then because he didn't know he wouldn't go back for 2nd term.
like someone said, Fayose should get a better aspirant because I don't feel the one picked can do any good nor even win.