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Friday, April 6, 2018


Such a sad sad story as gloom and despair covered the Ocean Parade, Banana Island home of Zainab Ali-Nielsen aka Alizee yesterday, Thursday, April 5, 2018.

We had heard the story yesterday but refused to believe it at first, wanting to believe it was lie from the pits of hell, since we knew the victim for a bit as we had met her at some occasions/events a while ago, where she gave out her CDs.

Alizee and her adorable 4 year old daughter, Petra were allegedly murdered in cold blood at their residence and for now all fingers point at the father of the girl and husband/lover of Zainab by name Peter Nielsen.

Mr. Nielsen has since been arrested and detained, while thorough investigation is ongoing to ascertain what could have been the remote cause of the untimely death (murder) of the 2 victims. 

The double homicide was discovered in the morning, as both Zainab and Petra were found together dead in the kitchen of their home, with Petra on her mother's chest. Peter was said to have immediately denied complicity in the dastardly murder, he is said to have claimed he only woke up that morning to find their dead bodies in the kitchen.

Both bodies have since been deposited at the mortuary for autopsy, while the arrested man's embassy has been informed of his arrest and investigation. The police have since been deployed to the crime scene to comb the whole place for evidence that could lead to why the victims were killed and who actually killed them. As it is the husband/lover is the number 1 suspect.

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Anonymous said...

O my God. Whoever does such an horrendous crime should be sentence to death by firing squad. The mother must have done something to whoever but a 4 years old girl being killed in such way and manner is the most heartless and wicked thing I have ever seen or heard. My God!!! The heart of human is evil and wicked for anyone to have touched the little girl. I can't I can't oh my!!! I can't believe

Cakes by LuliGrace (London) said...

Aloba,haba! You're better than this

there is no need for the last picture; viewers discretion or not.
I'm sure the news is distressing enough to her loved ones without such pictures.

Anonymous said...

My God ! What is going on

Tot E said...

Aloba, this is SO wrong. Please have some decency and remove that last picture, haba.

Anonymous said...

At Cakes. Mainstream Media shows worst picture than this as long as there is a graphic warning.
Feel sad for the death of the mother and the innocent beautiful girl but the reason sometimes why the Media shows those graphic pictures sometimes is to use it to get attention of the public and that will put pressure on the Law Enforcement and Justice Dept to get justice for the death. Having said that get over yourself and stop talking from your nose. Aloba is a real Journalist and he knows his limit and not some random Bloggers

Anonymous said...

Illiterate is a disease for heaven's sake. Aloba told you Fools crying foul about the graphic picture. You shouldn't have looked at the picture. However Justice need to be served and the picture will have an effect on justice being made

Anonymous said...

* Illiteracy
* Justice needs

Maybe you should learn some "literacy" before calling others fools. Aloba, you are still wrong on this.

chosengospel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fan said...

Ouch @chosengospel with some of your typos.

chosengospel said...

Corrections *supposed* *people*

Fan said...

Lol @chosengospel’s removal!