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Friday, April 12, 2019


Funke Fowler 

Aigbovbioise Aig-Imoukhuede

Don't get it twisted, the tall, quite handsome ex-Access Bank MD/CEO, now Chairman of Coronation Securities, "Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede" is not about to take a new wife, a 2nd wife at that. But it's the younger brother also by near the same name "Aigbovbioise Aig-Imoukhuede", that is finally taking the plunge in to that discovery channel best called "MARRIAGE".

Many had already tagged him as the "perennial bachelor" since he is in his 40s and it was like he was never going to marry at all, but now to the absolute shock of all, he has finally, once and for all we hope though and we pray fervently for too, going to throw off and would be discarding forever that toga, come tomorrow, Saturday, April 13, 2019.. Lest we totally forget, the introduction/whatever maybe traditional engagement was done yesterday. We would have loved to use a few pictures but for a few reasons we can't so as not to point fingers anywhere. But we would drop some further juice soon.again.

Saturday, April 13,2019 which is tomorrow is the D-day from all the indications we have gotten. Come tomorrow at a very hush-hush ceremony, Aigbovbioise would be getting married finally & officially to his gorgeous flame of a few years now, and that's talking about the one and only "Funke Fowler", who would from that time henceforth be addressed as "Funke Imokhuede"! That sounds so beautiful, except if she wants to make it a bit more stylish, it could become "Mrs. Funke Fowler-Imoukhuede", which is too long and lacks the flow.

We had broken the story of the blooming and blossoming relationship as an exclusive sometime ago too; about the 2 lovebirds dating then. But then just because it wasn't a relationship that was much in the public view, some had thought it wasn't true then and doubted it! But even at that, those of us who knew, really knew then that, both were head over heels in love and truly into each other a whole lot.

In fact, the way it was going then, we had even predicted that the wedding bells were going to ring not too long after our then expose. But instead of rushing into it then, both quietly weathered the storm of the unnecessary scrutiny that flashed on then, on what was then and still is a private affair.

For Funke, the naturally beautiful, supremely gorgeous and soft spoken daughter of Tax czar, Mr. Tunde Fowler, this would be her 2nd missionary journey into matrimony. She had given it a try before with the world famous man about Abi Kuku. But alas, that marriage then quickly hit a snag and the duo had to go their own way nor very long afterwards. But now after keeping to herself for a longwhile, cupid again, ever a hopeless romantic and a good nuisance, found her heart as a good 🎯 target and shot his love crazed arrows her way and the rest like they say now is history. Like the world famous award winning singing trio Shalamar, sang many years back, this is the 2nd time around.... . She's learnt now by the experience of the 1st one that went south, and all that experience must now count for something in this one. Truth is, thunder must not strike twice, as this is not something that must be done repeatedly over time..

For Aig though, this is his 1st plunge, a 1st missionary journey into the world of marriage, as he has never being married before at all. And for a man in his 40s, one who has taken his time like a good wine to mature over time and come out best at the right time, this time might just be the that perfect time he had been waiting all along for and for the near perfect person too in delectable Funke. Not only has he done well for himself in business, him not just been the younger brother of a former renowned bank CEO, he also has risen to the level of a director in a financial institution too, he is the head of Coronation Capital Markets at Coronation Merchant Bank and a Board Member at NASD Plc and like Funke, he has good pedigree too to back him up. Aig's dad was a former top Civil servant of yore.

So the road would be leading to the venue of the hush-hush or better still nuptial tomorrow. And according to our findings, Aig wants a quiet nuptial devoid of any and all unnecessary razzmatazz. It would be recalled that when Funke 1st had the taste of such a thing a few years ago, it was a one of a kind series of ceremonies that left mouth agape at the sheer opulence of it. For many seasons it was one of the best weddings to have ever been hosted in Lagos. So with this one, it's better to adopt the principle of, 'once beaten twice shy'. So a very subdued ceremony must also carry major weight with her too. In fact, why gather the multitudes when three quarter of those who would come drink the drink and also eat the food, who do not necessarily want the thing to succeed? So the less the gathering, the best for the couple. So the best advise is to keep roving eyes away from unnecessary scrutiny.

From us here though, we wish the duo a happy married life!!! We are expecting the bambinos asap !!! 🤩 


Anonymous said...

These their names never cease to amaze me "Aig".

Anonymous said...

Congratulations 🎉

Anonymous said...

Happy married life to them


Anonymous said...

Congrats Funke and AIG .

Anonymous said...

It took a long time for them to marry since the announcement that they were going to marry in 2017

I wish them a happy married life

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

But when is the Anumudu wedding?

Anonymous said...

Congrats dearie! No pictures? Eh Aloba