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Friday, April 5, 2019


Jide Omokore 

Someone should please sound the alarm! Someone should please go to the mountain top to shout it out. Who can one report this present Government to? How could they have stopped the shine of a man who was like the virgin bride everyone wanted to court then? What kind of a kill joy are you??

During the days of the Goodluck Jonathan administration, the name Jide Omokore, the Kogi billionaire was a virtual door opener anywhere.. This billionaire rode the waves admiration like a colossus. Not many wealthy men were in his category or class as he was in a Liga all by himself. His legend preceded him. And it wasn't just in Nigeria alone then. The UAE, the USA & other countries of the world took notice and ate from his palm. He and his super close friend, the other stupendously wealthy dude by name Kola ALUKO, the only blackman to have owned a 100M rated luxury yatch, were unmatchable then. These 2 controlled private jets like it was a bus to carry people around from place to place. Even those who had made billions before them, couldn't match these duo's razzmatazz and effect. In fact many of the wealthy then, took back seats and were watching the new blockbuster epic that was rolling then. These 2 new kids on the block were the ones reigning, so all others had to take notice & learn by example. The duo knew the color of money inside out very well. They had enslaved & lassoed money into submission and they knew its secrets and how to send it on errands. Money in all its grace, glory and height, knew who was its boss. The kind of gifts that Mr. Omokore gave out then to those around him were staggering to say the least. That particular legend we cannot just talk about. We used to know a lawyer that worked for him, whose favorite car amongst several other super cars he owns, was a Rolls Royce, a stunning blue one in fact. This person's home inside Nicon Estate then was a statement in class and distinction.

At the height of Mr. Omokore's reign then, before this crazy time of forced quietude, his SPOG Petrochemicals, one of the companies under his control was a major beehive of activities. It was one of the major companies then that people wanted to be identified with. That same brand like its boss has gone deathly quiet too, unlike how it used to be.

We would never ever forget how for a few days, years back, Mr. Omokore literally nearly took over Dubai. That oil rich Emirate that is a tourist haven felt the power of the Nigerian billionaire in an awesome way, when his 1st son married the daughter of the man then in charge of one of the richest government parastatals. The number of private jets that ferried people to and fro Dubai for that wedding of the season was unprecedented. Dubai knew some major African heavyweights landed in town  that week. The number of ministers or better still Government officials, plus royal fathers and other guests that attended was unbelievable. The gifts that those privileged to attend got were unmatchable till date.

But just as suddenly like a bolt out of the blues that he emerged on the scene and razzled-dazzled all comers, this man of immense means just also so suddenly receded into his anonymous cocoon. Is it that he is not as fiendishly wealthy as he used to be again? How could this Government have so stifled a super generous billionaire like Uncle Jide? Why hound the gentleman into a cave like he is comatose? In fact, what is wrong with this administration? 


Blair Witch said...

Mr Aloba FISHING FOR JIST ! I am not talkingšŸ™„šŸš¶‍♀️. YOU give US the jist.

Anonymous said...

Same with Igbo Sanomi and the rest od Dezani buddies. All their businesses has fizzled and all of them are hiding