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Friday, February 25, 2011


He is in his early 20's with a unique voice to go with his cute and cuddly stature. His singles have garnered massive airplay even with no album out yet. He is one of the proteges of a very popular and talented artiste and it has been argued that if the young crooner maintains his momentum, he could be the future of Nigerian music. Apart from his music prowess, he is also gaining notoriety for cavorting with beautiful older women, in a particular case rich.  His dalliances include; An Actress- she is the first on the list and very controversial. She is from the Niger Delta and claimed to be born again when she first came to Lagos, but is now preaching the gospel in a very different way with her affairs with married men and women, a case in point was her affair with a now highly placed official of a government that only just returned recently after a rerun election.      The said actress is now a big player in the automobile business,and actually gave a car gift to her lover. Trouble however started when the crooner started using the car to pick up much younger girlfriends.          The second case is that of a Beauty Queen- light skinned
and gorgeous,she seem to be in a little dilemma about her carrer choice, she is professed to be indiscriminate with her affections(Animashaun), a lot of people even wonder why she donates, because she does not need any validation, she can get to pick whoever,whenever she wants.   The 3rd case is that of this Island based Madam- she is the most outrageous of all the dalliances. She runs her own business on the island and is rolling in serious dough, changing 3 SUV's of the same brand in less than a year and a half. The young crooner and madam are said to be having mad fun, and madam not too long ago gave her lover a Honda car for a 'job well done'. We heard madam just came back from one of her trips abroad where she had plastic surgery;liposuction, breasts enlargement, and the works. People are saying the young crooner is "eating the food of elders".We say the dog that''s about been lost will not hear the whistle of the hunter


Anonymous said...

this is no longer a rumour, its stale gist self! As for wizkid i pity him cos his end would be fatal if he doesnt withdraw from the likes of tonto #nuffsaid!

Anonymous said...

lol nawa o
theres nothing we no go hear for this lagos