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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Fellow Nigerians, as we speak, Bode George, erstwhile and convicted chairman of Nigeria Port Authority has been released from jail after serving out his 2 year jail sentence. Ordinarily this would not attract any attention but for the pomp and fanfare that is being currently displayed by some shameless people as if he's coming back from somewhere else but jail. PDP flags are flying all over the place and I gathered that even Mr President has said his party, the PDP, will send a high powered delegation to welcome him. This has shown that neither Jonathan nor PDP is interested in stamping out corruption in this country. It is clear now that only the citizens of this country can free themselves from the shackles of corruption and under development. Tell everybody you know to do whatever they can legitimately to frustrate this shameless display of insensitivity. Educate people in your neighborhood that this is wrong and must not be allowed to pass. The message this vipers are sending to the youth of this country is that corruption pays and it is ok to steal public funds and abuse position of trust. We cannot let this message be  passed without doing what we can to show that it is wrong. Broadcast this message and encourage others to do so. God Bless Nigeria

This particular message was broadcasted on BB this afternoon, while the welcome back party for the strong man of Lagos PDP who was released today, was going on and he had a very open thanksgiving party that was aired on AIT to show how glad and happy he was, with many top government functionaries and guests in attendance.

The pixs used are from jaguda.com and nationalmirroronline.net


Anonymous said...

Shut up!!!!!! Who are you to judge? You are no better than Bode George. Journalist hustler

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous 1, i can see you belong to the group of people who dont want this country to move forward.Bode George was released so Jonathan can get the support of the other corrupt politicians in the south-West!!!

This is truly a shame. I have said this over and over again.GEJ cannot save us.He is merely a tool in the hands of PDP

he has good intentions that would never be accomplished by him!!

wienna said...

wow...AIT again. Not surprised.

Abeg, who's this agbero Anon? Abi, person no fit write whatever they choose on their own blog anymore without any fear of attack by some faceless nincompoop?

Anonymous said...

Nigerians and their inability to read.

I did not say that any falsehood was written about Bode George. I totally agree that it is a shame that this type of nonsense can happen on his release from prison, however, the same people who helped to promote his basket lifestyle, from Bisi Olatilo, Momodu for president, the city people chap, akinpelu, and a host of other 'celebrity' journalists who have over the years helped to grow these hydra-headed monsters are not really in a position to start criticizing them now.

FYI I want this country to move forward

I am not an agbero or a nincompoop, but it is quite obvious by your inability to articulate your point properly that you are a product of the flawed Nigerian education system. I can understand your pain, but since I have never been in government, please do not direct your frustrations at me.

sharpsharpiro said...

anonymous,i congratulate you on your foreign education which is flawless but forgot to teach you commonsense....dont you know it is worng to generalise?why should you attack the poor gentleman cos some journalists have wined and dined with thieves?does it then mean all journalists are thieves??foreign education my foot.you are a victim of the post colonial syndrome