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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Everyone was shocked last week, when news came to town that the duo of Michael Neri & Ify Eneli had been kidnap, by some unknown people and taken away to an unknown place, after the initial shock, what replaced it was fear, firstly friends and family were worried about their safety and well-being, and also scared about whether that was the beginning of the era of kidnapping in Lagos, which before this particular popular case ,was adjudged to be relatively safe. The kidnappers were said to have first demanded for a #50 million ransom, before they later reduced it to # 25 million naira, what we heard at MM was that the families and friends of the duo had to negotiate intensely over a few days before the kidnappers eventually agreed to budge a bit, from what we hear, except everyone would be very security conscious, Lagos might soon be faced with a siege, except that it is  nipped in the bud as quickly as possible, for if they are seen to have succeeded then the troubles would start,  the scary part we hear is that, the kidnap was by an organized crime cartel who are said to have moved into the center of excellence, to carry out random operations, as par the Michael & Ify case, the kidnap crew were said to have used one of the oldest tricks in the book, their car was hit from the back, and when they got down to check the extent of the damage, they were abducted, and were taken to their lair somewhere along the Ajah axis, to a house that had an established criminal hierarchy, obviously what this portends is that everyone is not safe, there was the case of a banker, who was said to have been abducted after stopping by the road side to take a wee, also a female who was coming from a spa along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway and was also abducted, this are random cases that are said to be linked. In the case of Michael & Ify, after negotiation and exchange of money, only Michael was released, while more money was demanded for the release of Ify, who was later released about 3 days after that of Mike, while michael had been away abroad for a long time, only just coming home recently, he runs a highly successful entertainment/promotions company called Runways, the company as pulled off some of the best gigs in the UK, at the club's venue on Oxford st, they successfully,recently brought Nicki Minaj to the Uk, and they had had a host of others like, P diddy,Nas,Amy Winehouse,Fat Joe,Neyo and Fabulous at their parties, While Ify is the daughter of one of the owners of Eko Hospitals, Dr Eneli,  and she owns her own business on the island. One is hoping the duo would be able to overcome the trauma of the kidnap saga.


CC said...

Most of people who know the two involved do not believe that kidnapping has come to Lagos, but rather believe this was a carefully orchestrated plan from one of the abducted parties to bail themselves out of a financial mess. It is interesting to me that only the Eneli's parted with any monies and apparently were the only ones contacted for ransom as well. *kanye shrug*

Anonymous said...

cc youre so right
If these 2 had a hand in their kidnap,then
they are the lowest scums of the earth to put their families esp hers through all that
Thats what happens when you put yourself on a pedestal (a fake one at that) and youre trying to keep up with the joneses
so sad