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Friday, February 4, 2011


That's the question on everyone's mind for the past few weeks, the former actress and  boss of Guepard production, seem to have gone totally incognito. We at MM have tried getting in touch with the delectably beautiful wife of multi-millionaire businessman and younger brother of General Theophilus Danjuma, Mr Musa Danjuma to no avail, we had wanted to clarify the truth, behind the rumours and speculations going on about her multi million naira business been shutdown, for a company that is not even up to a year, and had been in the news late last year and earlier this year for all the wrong reasons, we were very curious, she had launched the business sometime last year, to a lot of fanfare, and what we heard was that her husband had pumped in several millions into the company to atleast keep the wife busy, doing something she's acquainted with, now we hear that the business became a cover sort of, for some very clandestine activities, which are said to have back fired terribly, as they border on infidelity  & some of the names linked with Caroline are very well known people and very shocking, the suspicious husband is said to have gotten wind of what was going on and therefore took action, firstly, all Caroline's means of communications like phones etc were cut off, and movement restricted to her husband's mansion. To confirm if all this rumours hold any water, we tried severally to get across to Caroline, but we couldn't because the phones were unavailable. A publication not MM, even wrote and published that at a point the beautiful former actress was stripped nude by her husband. This is hoping that we would be able to get to the true fact of the matter, as soon as we are able to get in touch with madam.

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