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Friday, February 25, 2011


Hello Dear Friends!!!!

We hope the year has taken off to a great start, we know it has for us!!

LPM is turning 2 years old on Sunday, 27th of February 2011, and we are

proud and grateful for the immense support from everyone!!

To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, we are giving you the opportunity to

make a significant impact in the lives of hundreds of Nigerians alongside

Freedom Foundation; an NGO, which was set up in 2001 to carry out the

mandate of pioneering social reformation within communities. It was

established as a non-profit organization committed to affecting society by

empowering individuals who are affected by various categories of social

and economic disadvantage (drug addicts & sex workers for example). The

individuals Freedom Foundation rescues are vulnerable. Some were sold by

their own parents as barter for debts, and from ages as young as 13, they

have been drugged up to work the streets of Lagos, serving as objects to

enrich other men – men who bully and threaten their lives, e-ver-y-day.

With many reasons to give thanks, we’ve decided to partner with this great

organization to raise funds for the Ladies who reside in Genesis House,

where they are fully re-habilitated and nurtured to become better/stronger

women with strong values in their community. With this in mind we were

wondering what MORE can we GIVE? We thought hard about this, and came up

to the an equation that ends up as the BIGGEST Fashion Market Party Lagos

is yet to see:

MORE Space + MORE Vendors = MORE Merrier People.

Seeing as it is a Celebration we will have a Food Court, selling a variety

of food, drink and confectionary, a lounge area where documentaries of the

great work being done by the freedom foundation will be displayed, and

even a DJ!

We trust and thank you in advance for being a part of this positive and

impactful initiative as we all get to make a difference in the lives of

hundreds of Women, who are simply victims of society. We hope you join Le

Petit Marche (LPM) to GIVE a large percentage of the proceeds raised from

the rental of stalls and donate to the good work of the freedom

foundation! So please, help make a difference!

We will be taking stall reservations at info@lpmnigeria.com for a large

variety of vendors including:

- Fashion designers

- Fabric

- Men and women High street fashion

- Shoes and bags

- Accessories

- Food and drink

- Home Essentials and more

For this anniversary in February we will be hosting you at the amazing

Harbor Point, located on Wilmot Point, off Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria

Island, Lagos. Event starts by 12.00pm and will run till 8.00pm.

For more information about participating, please send us an email to


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