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Thursday, February 24, 2011


The eclectic American-Nigerian designer Kiki Kamanu presented her latest

unconventional collection at London fashion Week on the Fashion Mavericks

Platform on Sunday 20th February 2011, at the Strand Palace Hotel, in

London’s West End near Covent Garden. Fashion Mavericks is an annual

Fashion “Show-off” which showcases new and independent designers at

London Fashion Week.


Kiki Kamanu is the face of her eponymous label which was birthed when she

began revitalizing her twin sister’s clothes at age eleven. While with the Ford

modeling agency in Boston, she had the honor of modeling for several

designers including Chanel, and Gucci. Kiki received her education in Nigeria,

the United States, and France; and her facility with languages has served her

well in travels across Europe and elsewhere. That Kiki is at home in any

culture - over 50 far flung destinations in 5 continents and counting - is

reflected in the diversity of her creations. That she draws inspiration from a

myriad of sources is evident in her skillful blending of styles, textures, and

fabrics from around the globe. Italian leathers melt into elegant Thai and

Indian silks with splashes of Dutch wax prints and intricate details hand

embroidered by West African artisans.

To the benefit of fashion iconoclasts everywhere, Kiki left her role as a

corporate event planner at the Harvard Medical School, to devote her energy

to producing well-crafted exclusive creations while espousing the principles of

fair trade. Kamanu's lively fashion fusions are available in limited editions for

discerning men and women seeking superior personal style in casuals and

formal wear. Her eclectic collections offer vibrant accessories including sassy

shoes, totes and handbags.

In under 2 years Kiki Kamanu’s distinctive chic has been featured on

runways including Calabar Carnival, Lost in Lagos and Sleek. In March, she

will show at the coveted ARISE Fashion Week.                                                  She and/or

her designs have appeared in major American, Nigerian and Turkish media,

and on CNN International.   She has developed a faithful following in Nigeria,

United States, Persian Gulf, and soon the United Kingdom and the world

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