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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Its planned to be the swankiest bar/lounge in  Lagos, in terms of the ambience one can only exclaim that it was a good job well done, everything in the place is all white, the walls, the sits, the bar,the floor,the ceiling, absolutely everything except for some of the lights. It used to be the same spot,that housed Aqua 27 club, that used to be owned by Folake Odutola, but the new place is owned by Ladi Akindele,who is Lanre Nzeribe's brother, same mom but different dads. And the new fun spot is called DEUCES. MM had a tour of the new place, where Lanre is said to be a silent partner and if all works out as planned, then all other joints are in for a very stiff competition, one major thing they would have to work on is how they can make sure the place is a hit from the word go!!!!!!, this is like the 3rd time a club would be opening at the venue and the 1st two were failures, first was Saga Viii, then was the turn of Aqua 27, which though had a very beautiful ambience, but never really hit it big throughout its existence. Ladi Akindele, is a veteran when it comes to running funspots like this, and  his name is a recurring decimal on the entertainment scene in Joburg,South Africa, we heard he was a partner at a point with the owner of one of the best clubs in Joburg called Moloko, and apart from that he is said to have done very well as a businessman in SA,where he owns a company called Decorum Lifestyle,which is into concierge services, he is said to own the licenses to such drinks like Christian Audiger wines and champagne,Nuovo Liquor,Ciroc liquor a drink owned by P diddy,Roberto Cavalli Liquor and other drinks, every drink at the lounge is going to be sold by the bottle or by the can, no shots at all,except one orders for a cocktail, the place would be opening everyday from the hours of 10am to 12pm(mondays to thursdays) and there would be 2 club nites, though there would be a kitchen, the joint would be easy on food, no full dining, just quick foods like steaks of all types, lamb chops etc, free WIFI services, all the waitresses would be in white corsets, there would a resident deejay, but there would be a lot of suprises musicwise. The whole set up is very well packaged, there is a VIP basement area that would be the cynosure of all eyes,when the lounge is in full swing, and management is making sure they leave nothing to chance, as the lounge is going to be run by professionals coming in from SA, a lot is been planned as they expect a lot of  international clients. The name Deuces was inspired by the best selling song by Chris Brown.

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Anonymous said...

Hello , please do you know the email for deuces lounge and bar ? Do they make birthday reservations and is it expensive ?