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Sunday, July 14, 2013


Na wa oooooo. So after holding body for all of 2 months, Beverly Osu one half of the Nigerian housemates at this year's competition, finally gave in to Angelo's digging, pestering fingers. And to show that Angelo can strum Beverly's guitar very well, she gave in to sonorous exclamations. Whimpering ecstatically as if heaven was gonna fall down. 

There has been reactions from many after the whole shenanigan, some outrightly condemning Beverly's actions, while some have been lenient, especially saying being boxed up in a house all of many weeks can bring out the wanton in all. 

We have not much to say, only to ask whether the people were expecting very much from Beverly in the first case? According to some of her own utterances she's a 'wild person', so is it possible for a leopard just to change spots just like that? What if these her antics are some parts of her plans to endear her to more people and can even get her to the finals? 

At least strumming with the fingers cannot lead to contacting STD's, so hers might still be the lesser of the evil. Unlike Nando who has claimed Selly sold him Chlamydia, Angelo might not be able to claim that. 

Thank God that due to Beverly, our relationship with the people & nation of South Africa, would have improved many notch now for best. 

All hail Bev the babe!!! Hooray!!!. Nigerians forget very easily jare!!! So if you win the dough, everyone go just dey celebrate you forgetting everything bad or terrible wey you do. So enjoy yaself!


Anonymous said...

Osi o da ni le pako.....wrong wrong wrong!

Anonymous said...

Babe, i dont want to judge you but am so irritated dat i will not watch the clips.I am just imagining what i would have done to you if you were my friend....sorry, you can never be my friend, i dont roll with you spec.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to judge, but this is a classic case of bad upbringing. First Karen Igho, now Beverly Osu, please Naija i hope these are not the kind of people we will be sending to represent us. Some of the other country girls are using other antics. Looking at Beverly if i was not naija, i would say most Naija girls are useless, am sure this is not the picture we want to paint ourside.