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Saturday, July 20, 2013



Many are of the opinion that the next election into the Alausa Government house is still a long way away. While those who know very well what time it is are already preparing themselves for the battle ahead. We had written in our earlier post about the likely personalities from the ACN that would vie for the post to take over from Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola. 

Now we are shifting our attention to the most prominent of the oppositions in Lagos. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). And from our little findings, 3 prominent names have cropped up. First one is that of Dr Ade Dosunmu, who represented the party at the last election and was obliterated by Governor Fashola. The gap was so much that it was too good to be true. We hear he is still very keen on trying his might again, probably lesson has been learnt and he is now better prepared for the battle. 

The other name that has been receiving prominence is that of Jay Kay, that is what many call the great pharmacist Joseph Olujimi Kolawole Agbaje, better known as Jimi Agbaje. He too had also tried unsuccessfully to rule Lagos, but he couldn't get his former party's nomination then. A result of which has made him to cross carpet. And he now wants to try his luck with the PDP. We hear he his being favorably considered.

The last but not the least amongst the trio is Mr. Babatunde Gbademosi, a known social commentator, who used to live in the UK before, but returned home a while back to see how he can contribute his own quota into the development of his beloved Lagos. He is the proud owner of the AMEN Estate around the Lekki area of Lagos. A successful man in many ramifications. He has taken a plunge into the 'supposed' murky waters of politics in Lagos, Nigeria. One hopes he wouldn't come out of it stained. A few times we have heard him talk, he has impressed admirably.

But, is he strong enough to give the other 2 a run for their money?

If he is selected, nominated or chosen to represent his party? Can he give the other party's candidate a good fight?

Does he even have the so called ''pedigree'' to rule a state like Lagos?

What does he have to offer? 

Many questions just keep popping up! 2015 ain't going to be easy oooooooooooo. PDP would have the greatest & biggest party (celebration) in the world, if they can win Lagos.

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