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Sunday, July 21, 2013


Please, let's not distort facts and truth. I'm being bombarded with emails and phone calls on the issue of Renunciation of Citizenship as contained in the Nigeria Constitution Section 29(4)(b) "....any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age...".
The 7th Senate is accused of enacting laws in favour of girl child marriages. There are 109 Senators. The Senate needs 73 Votes to pass laws. The Senate voted 60 votes to delete the controversial section, 35 Votes to retain the section. There were abstentions and non registration to vote.

The number of Senators who voted favourably were in the majority (60), but unfortunately we needed 73 Votes to pass. Now tell me, where did the entire Senate vote in favour of girl child marriage.

Senate President, Rt Hon. David Mark, made it clear from the very beginning, that every Senator shall vote according to his/her conscience. The Senate Hansards show clearly how Senators voted. The records tell the story. Religion became a pawn.

I am a mother of girl children. I do not consent to early marriages. I voted against Section 29(4)(b). That the section be deleted from our Nigeria Constitution. I will vote same again. I have no regrets!!!

Senator. Margery Chuba-Okadigbo.

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Frances Diaries said...

Evil people. I weep for my country.