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Saturday, July 20, 2013


People are reacting and they are doing so with vehemence, no one is cloaking their anger at all ooooo. Just like football, this is one issue that is uniting everyone and they are all united in disgust and anger against the thought that anyone can justify the fact that you can marry a 6 to 17 years old girl. One of those that has openly spoken his mind is one of Nigeria's best comedian in the person of Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st GCON. Hear him- 

Good people, so sorry to disturb you this rainy afternoon. I just read the response from a truly sick Senator Ahmed Yerima, a 2 time governor, a 2 term senator and truly a sick pervert trying to justify Child Marriage.
He says that child marriage is a solution to abortion and prostitution. I guess it also must be a solution to Embezzlement, Bad leadership, Insecurity and all the other problems that he and his type have heaped on our nation since independence.

If it is not that I was brought up not to insult adults, I would have called him a sorry excuse of a human being and a waste of his father's sperm but I will not.  

I will only end this by telling him that nothing he says can ever justify marrying a baby as a wife, even if he claims they don't sleep with them at a young age. 

Since he likes Egypt so much, I will end this by praying that may the fleas of a thousand Egyptian Camels infest his pubic area and armpit. 

Agbaya oshi!
Gbenga Adeyinka1st GCON


Anonymous said...

I say Amen to the last paragraph. Well written Gbenga.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious yet he got his point across....

Frances Diaries said...

I shout a loud amen in response to your last wish to Yerima!

Anonymous said...

Well done.

Voice of Naija said...

I have said it before and I will say it again: No NORTHERNER or MUSLIM must be voted in come 2015 or else we are courting doom for this country!