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Sunday, July 14, 2013

EMMA NYRA'S OUTFIT OF LIFE................

We hear stars/celebrities are allowed to be whatever they wanna be or do whatever they wanna do, one major reason is because they are there to create fun for us. We ordinary people might not necessarily have the guts to do those things.

Those things we can only dream of doing, are normal things to them. An actress in the name of acting a scene can remove her clothing and go butt naked!!! A normal person doing that would be tagged mad. 

So Emma Nyra, having a little exposure in this outfit is only because she's a star and she's having fun for us or don't you think? Everything can't just be smooth, lovely, well put together always. We need some little craziness. 

So Emma dearie, way to go dear.  This is what some call SEXY!


Faith Kel said...

LOl @ "A normal person doing that would be tagged mad."

Anonymous said...

See the camel toe. Nasty.

Anonymous said...

She looks tacky. Naija at times our know know makes us miss it. Saw Ghanian Becca the other day on GMA you can see so much improvement, even her video shot in Japan was world class. Lets try more on our image overall.