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Friday, February 15, 2013


 We heard the news last night too just like everyone. In-fact we were at an event, when the unpalatable news came filtering in like a terrible avalanche.  We immediately discarded the sad news, hoping against all hope that it was the figment of the imaginations of some naysayers. But the news just wouldn't change. At a point we started calling Goldie's phone, but it just kept saying the phone was dead. That got our attention the more. We frantically started calling Goldie's BFF, Denrele but alas!His phone was dead too. Many were calling and sending messages trying to find out the truth. We couldn't answer all because though we knew it had happened, we were asking and praying for a miracle. But the miracle just didn't come. We were even just a few minutes away from the Reddington Hospital, Victoria Island, but we refused to go there because we were refusing to believe the truth.

In our numbness at the news and situation we refused to write anything. We immediately left the event we were attending and went home, straight to bed. Thinking that by the time we wake up, we would be hearing the good news that all of last night was a joke. But it wasn't. Susan Harvey, 31, aka Goldie, the in your face crooner on Kennis Music Label has truly passed on to the great beyond.

What a sad news, cut short in her prime, her singles were enjoying a fantastic play all over the radios, we were especially enjoying the 'Skibobo'. What a sad loss, what a day to die, many would never forget February 14, 2013, henceforth. The date has been stamped on many hearts forever. So the candle light has been extinguished! Life is so fleeting. Here now, happy and rejoicing, gone forever to eternity all of a sudden, like a puff of smoke. There were many plans, all now irrelevant. It is a sad period for the music industry. Good bye Nigeria's Golden girl. Keep on singing with the saints eternal. 

Goldie only just came back into the country yesterday, after going to the Grammy Awards, which was also attended by her label boss Mr. Kenny 'Keke' Ogungbe. We heard she only complained of headache, before Denrele her very close friend, rushed her to her hospital, only to be pronounced dead on arrival. 

Sad, sad, sad. Adieu! Our friend. May your divine soul RIP! She is survived by her dad, step-mom & siblings. God would give the family and friends the strong heart to bear the loss. 

Statement attributed to the President of Kennie Music- Mr. Kenny 'Keke' Ogungbe reads thus-  

“With a deep sense of loss, we announce the shocking death of our darling music star, Goldie Harvey. Goldie, 31, died on Thursday after she complained of a severe headache shortly after her arrival from the United States where she went to witness the Grammy Award. She was rushed from her Park View, Ikoyi, Lagos residence to her official hospital, Reddington, Victoria Island, Lagos, where doctors pronounced her dead on arrival at exactly 7:30pm in the evening. We consider this period a gloomy moment for us and the entire Nigerian music industry in view of the circumstance in which she passed away; the abundance of talent she exhibited in her short but eventful music career and the various opportunities her trip to the United States of America would have availed her. She is survived by her father, step- mother, brothers and sisters. We deeply sympathise with her family and fans all over the world and very grateful to all and sundry, especially, the vibrant Nigerian media for their concern and prompt reportage. We shall keep everybody informed as events unfold as we are devastated by the sudden loss.” Meanwhile, the remains of Goldie who hails from Ekiti State has been deposited at the mortuary of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos. Goldie represented Nigeria at the Big Brother Star Game in 2012. Her latest effort, she described as three nawti singles from her forthcoming African Invasion album are “Skibo”. “Miliki” and ” Got To Have It,” presently enjoying heavy rotations on radio and TV stations across the continent. Burial arrangements

will be announced by the family. May her soul rest in peace.
Adieu Goldie!!!




Mama Borngirl said...

May her soul RIP!!!

iris said...

It was a shock to me when I heard about it this morning. May her soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

what a loss,when we are just getting to know her n see her arnd.

Anonymous said...

O ga. rest in peace,

Anonymous said...

It's so sad, didn't even know she's from Ekiti was thinking she came from Osun state, Adieu lady, may u find peace, oh shame on u headache:-)

Anonymous said...

Goodnight Goldie... wish it wasn't so but father knows best.(

Anonymous said...

In Nigeria, people must not talk bad about the dead, yeah?
All you so-called celebrities continue to swim in drugs and you pay for it someday.
We didn’t grow up with cocaine and the stuff, but Nigerians have taken to the fake life of the developed world and no one can advise anyone anymore!
Which peace she go rest? in the bosom of her father – the devil?

Anonymous said...

Omg can't believe u r a human bring anonymous 5:10 ...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I have to comment. In 2010, my friend sent me a message in agony. Her older sister's photo had just been posted on a blog which brought in lots of bad comments. I had to read them all to understand her pain. Since that day, I vowed never to make any negative comments on a blog because of the hurt they cause. I try to limit/cease my comments all together. But today, I,think I have to make an exception. Permit me please!!!

I have known about Goldie for about two years now, to me she was a pretty lady with a great figure and an outrageous dress sense that wasn't particularly my taste. But I never bad mouthed her; not on the Internet and not in person.

I just saw her dress sense as different. Never met her or knew anyone who knows her but I never insulted or had bad feelings towards her. She seemed kind,sweet, vulnerable. So, When i learned of her death, I was saddened, still am!!!

I think it is very callous, outrageous and plain nasty for anon 5:10 to post that but even more arrogant and wicked for the blogger to approve.

We are human beings! Why don't we bring out the best in each other and encourage positivity. Why must we type and post nasty comments about people and belittle people. When I hear one bad thing about myself, I feel really sad. And so, I know I could never endure what these celebs and socialites go through, hence my private life. But I have decided as a person, I will NEVER make bashing, negative and uncosntructive comments that will hurt people or tar their image. Let us all make that decision. No matter how bad someone sounds, looks or behaves to you, they aren't all bad!

And as bloggers, why not choose to be different and NEVER post hateful comments! Your blog can be different! It can be the one that people run to, to read positive and uplifting comments about people. You can have a policy that does NOT post negative comments. You could make just as much money and publicity. People are just as curious about reading about other people's achievements.

Rest in peace Goldie!

Anonymous said...

That drug comment is all over the internet. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:49PM i totally concur Nigerians are so empty and hateful, they can't bear to see another succeed, and it's worse with females with their PULL ME DOWN SYNDROME. Bunch of sad losers, and to the blogger, being a blogger comes with responsibilities choose to uplift not aid in destroying self esteems and dreams, i am sure ur a parent or have family members that have hopes and dreams too, use ur filter.

Anonymous said...

Suzy Q also died last year february.Rest in Peace Goldie. May God comfort your loved ones.

Me again said...

Nobody that knows Goldie well has EVER indicated she used drugs. She is not even a part of the very well known drug scene. Let the woman's body grow cold first before you heap your further lies and insults.

Her death for whatever reason really hit home for me. Maybe because she really lived and was so alive. Really a loss to the entertainment industry, because she challenged their status quo. May her family be comforted.

omotolani akinola said...

I never knew she was married,so sad tho,and yes,why is every1 ignoring her husband,what is there that we don't know about her?

Anonymous said...

you will never know some things about people. who they are married to, who they sleep with, the kind of bad stuff they get up to etc. some are good at keeping it very tight. i guess the autopsy report will reveal what killed her.