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Sunday, February 10, 2013


We are going to be asking a series of question on the same thing. The appropriateness of wearing some particular outfit out to functions- birthdays, club, fashion shows, events/social gathering et al. 

Can you wear the ensemble above out to any function?

Can you allow your siblings, girl-friend, wife and mom out in the outfit above?

Is it appropriate for any reason to wear such outfits out of ones house?

What's the limit one can take sexiness to?

Is there really any difference between sexiness & trashy?

Outfits worn by one and same person in all the pictures. Draya Michele, the first & 2nd pictures were her birthday outfits. 

3rd & 4th pictures were at an event she attended.  Draya is a model/actress, who is said to have dated several stars, including Chris Brown.


Anonymous said...

Would all these girls be good in bed? Or they are showpiece? Becos u mentioned chris Brown & co

Fan said...

I can bet my life Draya was originally male and did a sex change. There's something iffy about her. All this show is because she's so excited she could transform with boobs and bum after the rearrangement.

Anonymous said...

Well, Draya is a former stripper and now an urban model. It's her job to dress provocative. That what "sells her market".

It's tacky and inappropriate but that's her job and that's what puts food in her mouth. She's not hurting anyone nor is she going to places where she needs to dress responsible. She's hosting parties where people pay her tons to dress like that.