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Saturday, February 9, 2013


 We have finally confirmed from Misan that she is fake. We first came across the fake when she supposedly gave an interview to a blog, where she had claimed she was the last born of the executive Governor of Delta State, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan. She had claimed she was 21 and that the Governor has 4 kids. We were quite surprised by this claims, because from all we know, the Governor only has 2 kids, his daughter Orode, who got married not too long ago and a younger son. 

So it got our curiosity and we wanted to know for certain, who Misan was. We think she used the trick because of her resemblance to the Governor. We got the entrepreneur she had lied to, to accuse her of being a fake and a fraud. Upon the accusation she confessed she lied to get the attention of the lady and that she was very sorry.  Find below the interview she had first granted to another blog, that raised our suspicions.  We didn't think the daughter of a sitting Governor, could be this foolish.   
Delta State Governor's Daughter Misan Uduaghan, Buys hundreds of No Glue Lace Wigs 

We caught up with the Delta state's daughter Misan Uduagan and interviewed her on her purchase of Real Hair No glue lace wigs.

Hello Misan, how did you hear about the Real Hair No glue lace wigs?

Two of my aunties always wears the hair, and I used to take it in turns to wear both of there's full lace wigs- it looked so nice, I had to buy my own... lol
So glad I did!
What hair did you buy?

I bought quite a lot for me and my friends, I bought a mixture of Peruvian virgin hair, Mongolian virgin hair, and Malaysian virgin hair No glue in stock full lace wigs, custom front lace wigs, french lace and swiss lace, 24 inches 26, inches, bleach knots, double knots, and baby hairs. I'm so impressed with glueless lace wigs, the glueless cap is so tight on my head. The thick strap at the back of my head stays so strapped on my head, and it's so true, what it says on the website, the lace wig will not come off unless I take it off myself. I'm just amazed I did not have to use No glue, No tape, No adhesives. Just 3 combs and the tight strap does the FAB job!
Have you worn a lace wig before?

This is the first time of me wearing a lace front wig, I love it so much! I'm wearing the beyonce lace front wig, 26 inches, with a little highlights, I just love it, I can't wait to buy more... I like changing my hair styles all the time.

Does the girls in Delta state wear lace wigs?

Yes they do, but not the No glue lace wigs, so I guess you can say I am the first to introduce the No glue lace wigs to Delta state. Everybody loves my hair, where ever I go, I get so much "GREAT" attention- all my friends , can't believe it's a wig. They say it looks so natural, like my own hair. The french lace is fantastic, the bleach knots are brilliant and looks as though the hair is growing out of my scalp.
What's your favorite hair?

It's got to be the Peruvian and Malaysian hair. both qualities are soft, thick, a lot of body and volume of hair. I've had my hair for 7 months, there has been No tangles, No shedding, No knotting, Nothing bad... just perfect hair for the governors daughter.... (laughs)

Nigerian girls spend so much money on hair, so how much did you spend on the hair?
(Laughs) yes we Nigerian girls loves real human hair,  NO FAKE hair! I can't tell you how much I spent it's a secret... let's just say I bought the best quality lace wigs on EARTH. 
Thanks for the good service and the best 100% virgin hair, so happy, I highly recommend everybody to buy the No glue lace wigs.x


Anonymous said...

Attention seeking. Some were fooled.

Too many grammatical errors in the piece though.

Anonymous said...

Ben e do now. Ok she no be Uduagan daughter, let it rest. But we all know U is a don when it comes to these matters.