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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Olanrewaju Alfred is one of the best society/entertainment writers Nigeria has ever come across, presently he is the group society editor at ThisDay newspaper, where he holds the reins on the society pages of glitterati magazine, which has become the sunday, sunday medicine of the high and mighty. 

There's a way, the wordsmith constructs and pen is pages that has endeared it to all, even while lampooning his subject sometimes, he fetes & serenades them to high heavens before stylishly opening their can of worms for all to see. He daily moves around with and rub shoulders with the colossi of businesses and the decision makers in our clime.

As we speak, the society writer extraordinaire is putting finishing touches to one of the best things to happen to the literary world in Nigeria. We have tagged it- Something beautiful, something great, something 'unputdownable', this way comes, it's called High Life:Amazing lifestyles of Nigeria's rich & famous. The 300 pages of well researched coffee table book, is an all colour, all gloss work that chronicles the lifestyle of the super rich, the famous and very influential that dots our clime. It showcases our multimillionaires & billionaires, as they wine & dine & relax amidst very plenty. It's  revelation into the world of the very 'liquid'.

In the words of the author- ''The literary effort intends to fill a void amidst the deluge of news and literature markedly representative of contemporary industry Titans & Celebrity Journalism.

The first of its kind in the Nigerian media space, this 300-page coffee table book, with foreword written by Bashorun Dele Momodu, is a product of many years of research and journalistic odyssey spanning over a decade, seeks to record the most incisive and fascinating happenstances and personages, high-flying corporate entities and celebrity culture.

It is billed to serve as a remarkable archive of the faces and brains behind Corporate Nigeria's most brilliant and extraordinary business forays, as well as the amazing, yet, didactic lifestyles of the creme of Nigeria's high-society. 

So get ready to hear about the the lives of those who make the economy move, the highly placed and gloriously influential, wheelers & dealers, the business colossi who opens doors in all parts of the world. Get to see them cruising their Gulf-streams, Bombardiers, Citations, Embraers, Cessnas, Learjets etc, driving in their Lamborghinis, Mesaratis, Bugattis, McLarens, Ghosts, Phantoms, Maybachs, Aston Martins, Ferraris, Bentleys etc, cruising around the waters of Lagos, Monaco in their impressive Yachts. Check out their palatial edifices called homes around the world, which gives those still dreaming a glimpse of what heaven would look like. It would also give you an insight into the playthings of the super rich, their collections of Audemars Piguet, Rolex watches, Cartiers, Patek Phippe, Baume & Mercier, IWCs, etc.

So come the month of April 2013 at a date yet to be announced in Lagos, venue is the  Muson Center on the Island and then in London, the people who make things happen would gather to launch the book & celebrate at the same time a jolly good fellow, who though quiet, has learnt to wine & dine with the people who count and by extension also called one of their own. The one, the only Akogun Olanrewaju Alfred.

We hear that those who know have already booked many copies ahead for their libraries. Right as we speak, the final touches to the highly anticipated book is being done in Dubai, the UAE.


Anonymous said...

Ok!!! hope they are cruising to Heaven in their jet streams and driving around the beautifully tarred roads in Heaven in their ghosts and phantoms vehicls while sipping the finest champagne in their palatial mansions as the clock is ticking on their Cartier, Rolex wristwatches etc.

Anonymous said...

Seems intersting. I hope he releases it on amazon. I'd cop a copy.

kesholowo said...

Nice one

Miss Joyce said...

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