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Saturday, February 2, 2013


2 days ago everyone had thought that we were all going to wake up on Friday morning to hear that Osaze Odemwingie had finally moved to his desired club QPR FC (Queen Park Rangers). But alas! The desired transfer didn't happen and the Nigerian International, who is gradually gaining a reputation for being a trouble-maker, had to go back to his club West Bromwich Albion very sober. 


According to the little info that is available, the player had done all that was humanly possible to force the move, to the extent that he had even said his bye-byes to a few of his mates, while going to Albion without permission to make the move happen, only for the whole thing to fall to the ground. 

A few weeks before this particular situation, the same Osaze who is still celebrating the birth of his new baby, took nearly everyone in the national team to the cleaners, labeling his coach, his captain, the football association several names.  In his anger and vituperation, he seems to feel everyone apart from himself is right. Now that he his fighting his battles on 2 fronts at the same time, firstly, it might be impossible for him to play in the national team again, now he seems to have drawn a battle line against his club, where already he is set to face disciplinary actions. The season is still a bit long, so he might have to endure a bit of troubling time, his club mates might see him as a traitor, while the coach might just see him as a trouble maker, that should be kept on the bench, his former beloved fans at West Brom might also see him as not worth the support. 

According to the footballer himself- He had met with the technical director of West Brom before going to London, and he had thought he had the go ahead to go to London.

“I learned now that the role of technical director is not superior to a chairman. When you are in England, you are gentlemen and you have to understand each other. After talks there was no need for training. I said I can go now, I got the go ahead from what I understand. I went round to thank everyone in the club, the laundry, left some autographs. I promised to come back next week. I will miss them. I want to see everyone to say thanks very much.

“In my opinion everything was done right. In the last moment I don’t know what happened. I think he (Ashworth) can deny it, he has to look good in this situation. Anyway, we will find a way forward which is suitable for everyone. The truth is we all went wrong somewhere. A few days ago he told me himself we could have handled it differently. I agreed.

“I came to West Brom in an unprofessional manner. Lokomotiv Moscow did not give me permission to speak to West Brom. I still love the club. The club knows the reasons I want to leave. I think I’ll still leave. I’m not saying that in disrespect. We are not enemies. It’s all about football and not personal. There’s nothing illegal,”
So what's up now, Osaze?

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Anonymous said...

Stupid boy. He will now rot on the bench. We all love money but do it with style. Your desperation to go to a club rooted at the bottom of the league from one that is currently in 8th or 9th smacks of mercenary. If your agent advised you, he obviously didn't read the rules of your contract. Fire him.