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Saturday, February 2, 2013



The young man is cute no doubt and we can call him boy anymore. When would he even change his name to Wizman of something of that sort. 

He has been away abroad for a while now touring and recording some jams and we can bet, its definitely gonna be another 'rumba stompa'. From the US to the UK, the Wiz is just leaving them all gobsmacked by his talent, fresh young look and his work ethics. We are hearing in the background that he might have left EME/Konvict, but no one has come out to quell the rumour yet. 

Till that is sorted out, the young man seems to be having the fun of his life. Check him out at dinner recently, with 2 of the most gorgeous 'Video Vixens' around. See the Wiz flanked by Natalie Nunn & Bria Myles on both sides. 

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