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Sunday, February 3, 2013



 A New Addiction Is Making Its Way to Television: Welcome to The Island

To some it's a dream, to others, a fantasy. To outsiders it's a race, but to them it's a lifestyle. Brace yourselves for… The Island

In 2013, television audiences across the African continent will experience a revolution that will change their lives, as the most compelling drama series of our time makes its debut on the small screen. Get ready for a highly captivating tale of power, betrayal, deception, and vengeance in The Island.

The Island portrays the web of intrigue and machination that characterizes Nigerian high society, as seen through the loves, lives, and exploits of a group of young, attractive, highflying island dwellers in the city of Lagos. Directed by Bobby Boulders on various exotic locations across Africa, , The Island features an absolutely stunning and amazingly talented ensemble cast, made up of personalities that we keep you glued to the television as they come together to portray a lifestyle where love and loyalty come with a price-tag and power is only a game of changing seasons.

Starring Demola Adedoyin as Femi Bowen-Cole – the charismatic yet narcissistic man-about-town; Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru as Yemisi Balogun - strong-willed femme fatale with a dark, single-minded agenda; Seun O as Segun Alaba – street-smart hustler who sees a means to an end in just about everyoneEku Edewor as Sade Coker – beautiful ‘live for the moment’ party girl; Derin ‘DJ Caise’ Philips, as Jide Ademola – the self-indulgent hedonist, and best friend to Femi Bowen-Cole; Somkele Iyamah as Ada Agu – busybody and serial tattler; Rotimi ‘DJ Xclusive’ Alakija as Ahmed Bako – every day is a celebration to this billionaire heir-apparent; Zainab Balogun as Teni Bowen-Cole – Femi’s young, adorable sister; Venita Akpofure as Fola – the sexy, confident, social climber; Jimmie as Lanre Jegede – Segun’s best friend and anchor to the ‘real world’; Stephanie as Tayo Sowande – the pretty happy-go-lucky privileged daddy’s girl with a heart of gold; and Tracy Nwapa as Nike Oregun – the insanely attractive temptress, with designs on Femi as her access to the top of the social ladder. 

The Island was Created by Tola Odunsi ,Writer: Bayo Lambo. Co-writers: Motunrayo Elias, Ada Iwugo and Demola Adedoyin. 
Producers: Tola Odunsi, Bayo Lambo, Akins Akinkugbe and Kemi Akinkugbe Production Company: Urban Vision

This must - see TV series is still in production but be rest assured that the Revolution will be televised soon.

Grab The Island Season 1 Trailer Sharing Link Here:

Watch The Island On Dobox:



Anonymous said...

This reeks of bad acting, where are the actors all i see are fine boys and girls djays, oaps and a music video hoe

Anonymous said...

You r soooo right!!!! They just pack their clique! Wateva!