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Monday, February 4, 2013


This definitely must be Rita's season. And truth be told she looks exquisite in her photoshoots. She's done back to back covers of magazines in the last few weeks (first was the cover of Complete Fashion Magazine & now the cover of Wow! Magazine) and we dare say she epitomizes gorgeousness. Some have acclaimed her to be the 'most stylish in Nollywood', we  ain't gonna talk about that today, because it's a subject for another day. But truth be told, she ranks very high up on the list of  the 3 most stylish in Nollywood any day.

She's the cover personality of the first 2013 edition of WOW! Magazine and the truth is she's really WOW! White seems to agree with her fantastically well.  Check out the 'Wow!ful 'Rita Dominic who seems to be on the quest to 'Dominate' the sphere this season. Grab a copy to read about the real Rita.